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True Tales: That Will Be 4995



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A couple came in and looked at engagement sets. We talked and they found one they liked. They asked how much it was and I said “4995.” They said, “We’ll take it.” I wrote up the ticket and asked how they would be paying. “Cash,” they said. We went to the counter and told the cashier they were paying cash. They gave her a $50 bill … they thought it was $49.95. When I corrected them they were astonished and said that was far too much, and left. Yes, it was during a full moon.

Ed L., Dothan, AL

I had a lady come in just the other day. Just an average-looking customer, was my first impression. She looked at a ring in the estate case and I told her “three-fifty,” and she said she’d take it. She then asked to see a couple of other pieces and I told her the prices and she said she’d take them, too. At this time I was thinking I hope she understood I meant $350 and not $3.50. She continued to look through the estate case and asked to see more items. Every item I took a piece out she said “I’ll take it.” I was starting to think perhaps this was a very bad joke. I had four pairs of earrings on one part of the case and she said, “I’ll take them all!” The total number of pieces out of the estate case had now reached 15. I needed to find some box tops and while I was looking under a new-jewelry case she asked to see three new jewelry pieces. Again she said, “I’ll take them all.” I then started to put them all in the computer for a grand total of a bit over $4,000, yes — three zeros. Now my fear was that was she going to pay by check and I would get stuck with a bad check or bad card. But no, she pulled out a bank envelope and paid the whole thing in hundred-dollar bills. I was speechless. I thanked her many times for her business and handed her my card … and a very long receipt.

Craig C., Belfast, ME

I had a rare unique piece that from my research I estimated was worth $2,500. At a show a bit later I asked “35” for it, thinking the person would counter. He said no, but 20 minutes later he came back with another person that I also knew. That person was very nice and firmly said. “We are offering $25,000.” Whew! I read my research wrong and almost sold this item for a tenth of its real value.


Paul H., Rochester, MI

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 edition of INSTORE.



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