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Regina Ciarleglio has joined Worthy as the new Director of Retail Development. Regina is an expert client development leader with extensive experience with independent, couture and multidoor jewelry industry retailers. Regina has built outstanding relationships across her career, most recently as a consultant with JCK/Reed Exhibitions and with GE Capital leading the client development and management of their $400MM portfolio of private label credit card sales to luxury retail merchants.

Regina will be working closely with store partners across the country building the Worthy Retail business. Please feel free to contact her directly to learn more about the trustWORTHY store program:


iving the real market value to today’s consumers, Worthy is a smart technology solution to the age old question: “Where do I sell my diamond ring with someone I can trust?”. The answer is simple. Worthy has created a trustworthy solution bringing transparency to all sides of the marketplace, for consumer sellers, store retailers and buyers alike.

The new trustWORTHY program is designed as the retailer store solution to assist those customers who are looking to sell their diamond ring in a familiar, friendly and local setting – at their preferred local jewelry store. Worthy allows stores to service customers who want to sell or trade in their diamonds with the confidence of knowing they will be getting the true market value, while minimizing the retailer’s risk and adding profit to their stores bottom line.

Worthy has created a consumer-driven, data-rich system that identifies the market diamond value based on recent customer sales and authenticated diamond grading that assesses in real time today’s resell value. It is this true market value that drives the Auction. The Auction, a unique C2B platform, puts the consumer in the driver’s seat and brings hundreds of industry buyers to the table each day to see what the latest US household jewel “mine” has to offer. More and more, the largest “mine” is now being found in our own homes.

It’s time now for the local stores to capture this growing “mine” of diamonds and become the trustworthy destination for their customers to sell their diamonds.

Regina’s Q&A with INSTORE

Q: Why did you decide to join Worthy Inc.?

A: I have always believed that true success only occurs through partnership. What attracted me to Worthy was how this auction platform can truly help jewelers increase profits, traffic and customer satisfaction all with no investment on the retailer’s part. Seriously, how often does this happen?

Q: Why a program for stores? What is in it for them?

A: Retailers want to sell! Retailers buy gold and turn it quickly but what about diamonds? Sure, they can buy them from the customer but that will tie up inventory dollars. They also run the risk of offending the customer with a lowball offer. That is where Worthy comes in.

Q: There are other resell retail programs, this idea is not a new one. How does the Worthy program work and what makes it so special?

A: The platform and our Worthy App are unique. In a manner of minutes, Worthy will estimate the diamond for actual (wholesale/resale) value. If the customer agrees, the store will send it to us, we will send it to GIA/IGI for grading, and when a reserve price is agreed by the customer, we will auction it to the trade! Once the auction closes a check will be issued to the consumer and Worthy and the retailer will share in the fees. What is truely unique the retailer does not buy the diamond.

Q: Maybe that customer just wants the cash or maybe that customer wants to treat him/herself to something from the store? Is this option available for the store?

A: The process for trade-in is similar, and the jeweler can establish the parameters for the trade (e.g. purchase price must be 1.5x or greater), the diamond can be auctioned so the jeweler is not holding on to the diamond.

Q: Tell us the top reasons you believe stores should embrace Worthy today.
A: There are four key reasons for stores to come on board:

  • It’s easy: Our process is easy and keeps associates on the floor selling. We cover all shipping costs (150%) of estimated value and GIA/IGI grading.
  • It’s a transparent process: Because our diamonds are graded, buyers know exactly what the are bidding on and we attract bidders from all over (retailers can also bid). The seller can even watch the auction.
  • It’s profitable: The fees are shared by Worthy and the retailer. Since there is no cash outlay on the retailer’s part, their portion of the fees go right to their bottom line.
  • It’s a traffic driver and provides customer satisfaction: Stores can now host events targeted at diamond buying, which is­ a great way to increase traffic. Also, stores no longer have to turn away customers who looking to sell their diamond. Instead, those customers can and will share their positive experience with friends and on social media.

“I will be bringing the same ethics and partnership that I have ascribed to since I began my career in the industry with Cartier back in 1988”.
— Regina Ciarleglio, Director Retail Development,