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Try This Before You Ship Your Next Package

The joy of selling jewelry is an amazing feeling. It’s easy to be let down by spending an inordinate amount of time coordinating logistics to ship your merchandise, though.

Once you realize that shipping will cost way more than anticipated, you suddenly wish that you had charged a bit more, too. As if your headache couldn’t worsen any more, you still have to make sure your package is properly insured and arrives safely.

By now, the joy you once felt has worn off. Don’t let this happen again — it’s time to rethink the way you ship!

Before you send your next shipment, try JM Shipping Solution and discover how you can save time and money with an online platform that makes shipping easy.


Try This Before You Ship Your Next Package

Try This Before You Ship Your Next Package  

Save Time

JM Shipping Solution lets you shop for the most effective carrier, service type, and packaging all in one spot. That means no more switching back and forth to compare options or questioning if the way you’re shipping is your best choice.

In addition, you can set preferences for common packaging materials, destination addresses, and carriers. That lets you automate the lengthy process of buying each shipment individually. If you want to save even more time, you can easily generate labels and buy insurance in batches.

Try This Before You Ship Your Next Package

Save Money

Major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS are represented in JM Shipping Solution and you can view their rates side by side—just like booking travel online. The platform also offers discounted rates, so all users can enjoy additional savings. Better yet, Jewelers Mutual customers benefit from deeper discounts, raising their savings even more.

In addition to discounted rates, you can integrate your accounts with individual carriers to view preferred pricing that you already have in place!

Try This Before You Ship Your Next Package

Protect Your Packages

Those who have a jewelers block policy with Jewelers Mutual can sync their coverage directly with JM Shipping Solution. Plus, all users can buy additional coverage as needed. This gives you peace of mind that each package is covered for the correct amount.

The platform guides you with carrier and service-type options best suited for the value of your package, too. To help ensure your package arrives safely to its destination, you can monitor every package that has been shipped from a single dashboard. The tracking feature will even alert you if something is off schedule.

Hundreds of jewelers have already switched to JM Shipping Solution and they’ve put time back on their calendars and money back in their pockets.

Join them and change the way you ship today by visiting