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Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

They’ve been all over runway shows and red carpets this year.




Heading out to Vegas for Jewelry Week? Here are some of the trends we are predicting you will see and that you might want to bring into your store. Some have been going strong for a few seasons, while others have been evolving for a couple of years. All are popular from the red carpet to the ready-to-wear runways to the jewelry design studios. So, why not try your luck with this trend or the others we will be showing?

It’s no wonder that designers keeps circling back to hoop earrings. They are a versatile wardrobe staple that fine jewelry designers revive consistently in different incarnations. Women love to make hoops part of their jewelry wardrobes because even when updated styles are on offering, as is the case for 2019, they can keep those they already have as part of their jewelry rotation. And if they have multiple piercings in their lobes and are more daring in their jewelry styling, they can even wear previous styles with newer ones.

We are loving the icy diamond and gemstone hoops this season. Hoop earrings have a long history and have been part of a diverse range of cultures on all continents, symbolizing everything from tribal identity to religious beliefs. Fast forward to the 20th and 21st centuries and hoops have made a comeback every few years since the 60 when icons from Twiggy to Ali McGraw appeared regularly in them. In 2019, hoops have been all over international fashion runway shows and red carpets, worn by a wide range of celebrities to all the major events.

Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

Gigi Hadid in Lorraine Schwartz triple diamond hoops. Photo: INSTAR Images/PGI

Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

TAP By Todd Pownell hoops set with inverted marquise 6.80 TCW of diamonds in 14K white gold set with platinum pins and backed with pierced 18K yellow gold. $16,450

Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

Fernando Jorge 18K gold Large Circle earrings. $23,730

Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

Daniella Kronfle 18K rose gold and prasiolite hoops. $6,900

Vegas Must-Haves #3: Hoop Earrings Come Full Circle

Anita Ko Large Pave Galaxy Earrings in 18K white gold with 3.84 TCW of diamonds. $16,400



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