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Kathleen Cutler

Want to Sell More Colored Gemstones? Become a Trusted Advisor

The secret to more gem sales lies in your ability to begin a conversation.




COLORED GEMSTONES HAVE been lighting up the engagement stories of A-list celebrities week by week and are selling big at premiere luxury auctions around the globe. It’s clear to see that colored gemstones are a favorite among the growing affluent class — and that’s good news for the high-end jewelers who serve them with a consultative sales approach.

While traditional sales techniques often feel like trying to convince someone to buy, this thinking is backward.

When we have a jewelry lover in front of us, we aren’t trying to get anything from them. Ideally, what we are doing is giving. In fact, the word sell comes from the Old English word “sellan,” which means “to give.” A consultative sales approach means giving your clients time, attention, and education — and that’s especially important when it comes to the sale of colored gems where there is much to consider.

Consider that a traditional sales conversation isn’t much of a conversation at all: “That’s a beautiful ruby engagement ring that you’re looking at. Let me know if you have any questions about it.” In this case, the talk is all about the jewelry with no interest in the client (who now has all the responsibility to flag down help should they need it, by the way).

By contrast, a consultative sales conversation is all about the client, even when you’re talking about the jewelry. It will often sound something like this: “You have exquisite taste with your eye on that sapphire engagement ring. Sapphires are extremely hardy and come in a rainbow of colors so we can find a perfect everyday ring that’s personalized to her tastes. Tell me, how did you meet your soon-to-be fiancé?”

Understanding key details about your client can go a long way in determining the right fit and building trust. These include the reason for their purchase, any sentimental attachments they have to particular gems, their lifestyle, wardrobe, occupation, and hobbies.


Speaking to these subtleties and offering guidance on how to select a stone for its hardiness, vibrance, and clarity can make a huge difference in developing your relationship with clients. Being there for your clients as a trusted advisor and genuine friend will make it easy for them to say yes to the sale and send all their friends and family your way when it’s time to buy precious colored gemstones.

Kathleen Cutler, profit expert for high-end jewelry brands, focuses on helping jewelers understand how to convince younger, affluent audiences to buy, combining modern tech with retro-style relationship building. Kathleen has a degree from GIA and has coached 100-plus jewelers. Reach her at



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