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Webinar Presented by Stuller and GCAL

The free webinar is on October 19.




Webinar Presented by Stuller and GCAL

(PRESS RELEASE) As lab-grown diamonds continue their rise in popularity and sales growth, differentiation has become essential for retail jewelers. This is especially true in the premium, high margin product category. In this joint webinar, Stuller and GCAL will provide retailers the understanding and “script” to close more sales, and successfully sell the added value benefits of GCAL 8X premium cut lab-grown diamonds.

Stuller, Inc. Senior Diamond Director Carl Lehnhardt and Senior Director of Diamond and Gemstone, Merchandising Heather Fontenot will reveal the company’s perspective and strategy on why they have embraced GCAL certified 8X premium cut lab-grown diamonds. Along with the benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds from Stuller.

“We began to recognize that the midstream lab-grown market was following the familiar diamond wholesale philosophy of not adding value, just rushing to the bottom on price. Just as lab-grown has become a disruptor in the traditional fine jewelry space, 8x with the technology and craftsmanship behind it sets a new standard for diamond cutting that only a few can achieve. To rise above the race to the bottom we must embrace and promote a premium product. 8x is the answer!” — Carl Lenhardt

GCAL Chief Operating Office Angelo Palmieri and Senior Research Gemologist Sharrie Woodring will take webinar attendees on a laboratory tour of the complex 8X diamond certification process. They will explain the strict cutting parameters required to qualify as 8X Round, 8X Princess, and 8X Oval, covering all the features and benefits of 8X so you can increase sales of these exceptionally cut diamonds. This will include the interactive digital certificate, with its high-res images, videos, and light performance analysis of each 8X diamond that is certified.

“We are thrilled that Stuller has selected GCAL 8X as their premium cut lab-grown diamond”, explained Angelo. “8X provides the true differentiation that every retail jeweler is seeking in this increasingly competitive market segment.”

Please join Stuller and GCAL on Wednesday, October 19th at 1:00 CST (2:00 EST), for this exclusive, informative webinar. Please click on the link below to register.


Register here for: Stuller, Inc. + GCAL: Discover The Benefits of 8X Lab-Grown Diamonds

About 8X: GCAL certified 8X Cut Grade Diamonds must achieve excellent grades in all eight aspects of cut quality. 8X is currently available in Round, Oval and Princess shapes. Additional shapes will be released soon.



Moving Up — Not Out — with Wilkerson

Trish Parks has always wanted to be in the jewelry business and that passion has fueled her success. The original Corinth Jewelers opened in the Mississippi town of the same name in 2007. This year, Parks moved her business from its original strip mall location to a 10,000-square foot standalone store. To make room for fresh, new merchandise, she asked Wilkerson to organize a moving sale. “What I remember most about the sale is the outpouring excitement and appreciation from our customers,” says Parks. Would she recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers? “I would recommend Wilkerson because they came in, did what they were supposed to and made us all comfortable. And we met our goals.”

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