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Weddings, Summer Prep and More Manager’s To-Do Items for June

And be sure to use those Vegas shows to your PR advantage.




Rebecca Larson

May 28-Jun. 4

CLIENTELING June is the year’s most popular month to tie the knot, accounting for about 11 percent of all weddings. Be sure to print a list of any June weddings that are coming up and have your sales team reach out to offer a complimentary ring cleaning prior to the event. “Always be sure to ask if they have their wedding jewelry all picked out or if you can share a few ideas you might have,” says consultant Megan Crabtree.

PREPAREDNESS Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and ends on Nov. 30. If recent years taught us anything, it’s that a generator is a wise investment.

MARKETING We can see the intro now: “Janie Johnson is just back from the world’s biggest jewelry show with insights on what’s going to be hot this year.” Before you leave, get in touch with your local newspaper and promise to come back with something interesting from the wider world about post-pandemic fashion trends.


Jun. 5-11

STAFF Think about whether you’re going to need temporary help this summer. Make sure all the positions have written job descriptions. No position, not even a part-time one, should be treated ad hoc.

IN-STORE Check your air-conditioning so that people coming in from outside are comfortable, not just the people working inside.

DISPLAY If things have slowed down, take an afternoon off to check out mall jewelry stores and look at the showcases and jewelry displays for placement and display ideas and new elements. True, they can’t compete for genuine customer service, but chains’ displays and marketing are often based on intensive studies of customer behavior.

Jun. 12-18

OPERATIONS Thinking of a remodel, a move to a new market or just need some advice on how to stay competitive? Give your local U.S. Small Business Administration center ( a call. There are approximately 1,000 service centers across the country that provide no-cost consulting and low-cost training.

SECURITY Offer Jewelers Mutual Insurance safety courses to staff.


Jun. 19-25

MARKETING Use the summer months to build up your video gallery. Post videos showing how to organize a jewelry box, clean jewelry at home, what to do with jewelry that’s no longer worn (Sell it! Redesign it!) and other educational content.

INVENTORY Get back in touch with those new friends you made in Vegas. Could you do a memo swap of your poor performers to a jewelry store in a non-competing market? Different area, different tastes, who knows?

Jun. 26-Jul. 2

FINANCES This has been a volatile year for the economy. Next week will mark the midpoint of the year. How are your sales forecasts and other projections looking? Are you on budget for expenditures? Review every item in your budget to see where changes are appropriate.

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