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What Legacy Will You Leave As a Jeweler? Here’s What Your Peers Say

Jewelers share the different meanings of their chosen paths.




What Legacy Will You Leave As a Jeweler? Here’s What Your Peers Say

To have made pieces of jewelry for thousands of people that will be cherished by generations to come. — Shahraz Kassam, Shamin Jewellers, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

  • I did it. My way, by myself, loving every minute … I did it! — Janne Etz, Contemporary Concepts, Cocoa, FL
  • I am a second-generation jeweler. My dad had his business in town for almost 50 years, and I just want to continue to strive to be “that” kind of jeweler … the one that gets the repeat business from generations of customers because we continue to provide trust, good service, and honest value from the work we do for them. — Teri Vogan, Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “He always did the right thing!” — David Mann Cyrkin, David Mann Jewelers, Geneseo, NY
  • We helped a lot of people. We treated people fairly and honestly. I hope that is what people remember about us. — Donald Killelea, Killelea Jewelers, Midlothian, IL
  • Got four kids educated, employed in great careers and made a difference in my community. — Stew Brandt, H. Brandt Jewelers, Natick, MA
  • When we look back at our legacy of art on our website or Facebook page we are overwhelmed by what we have created. We have always been a custom shop primarily, so our legacy is beauty. — Jo Goralski, The Jewelry Mechanic, Oconomowoc, WI
  • I hope that by educating the consumer regardless if they buy from me or not, they will always leave here more well informed about the industry I love so much. — Brenda Reichel, Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry, Honolulu, HI
  • Recently I have realized that on a daily basis I get to not only create beautiful pieces, but also amazing “moments” and “memories” for so many customers young and old. Moments that in many cases are life-changing. Wow, I am blessed! — Linda McEathron, Design House, Waco, TX
  • Finding joy in knowing you really did help others. For years customers have told us stories of how their piece of jewelry was purchased for a grandparent and now handed down to them and the meaning it has for them. I want to believe that someday when we are not here that the stories will include us. “A small retail jeweler from Rocky Mount, NC created this piece for my … and now I have it.” — Rita Wade, Wade Designs Jewelry, Rocky Mount, NC
  • As a business owner and a member of our community I try to give back by way of donations and volunteering. I’ve been on the board of directors for our DDA for several years. During this time we have build a new marketplace structure in our downtown. I am proud to be a part of that landmark that will grace our town for many years to come. — Sue Parker, Nyman Jewelers, Excanaba, MI
  • I would be very happy if I was remembered for what we did publicly and behind the scenes for people in our community. This includes the multitude of high school students we hired and taught how to serve their community and know the importance of appearance, how to work hard, how to pay attention to details, and work with others. Proud to say, along with their great parents, we have had awesome results. — Christine Matlack, E.G. Landis Jewelers, Boyertown, PA
  • Creating a fulfilling and happy work environment for my employees is what drives me more than anything. — Lauren Priori, L. Priori Jewelry, Philadelphia, PA
  • That my business has been a good community citizen, taken care of our customers honestly and fairly and treated everyone with respect. — Richard Frank, Goldstein’s, Mobile, AL
  • Best custom made goods in town. — Mark Rozanski, Goldart Jewellery Studio, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • My personal legacy is to make the room and the people in it better because I am there, helping on whatever level there is an opportunity to serve my fellow human. Thanks Mom! By God’s grace, the money is an awesome bonus! — Denise Oros, Linnea Jewelers, La Grange, IL
  • I doubt clients will remember me as they are like butterflies that flit around to the next guy to meet their needs but my employees will remember me as a fair, honest and decent person (except the ones I fired!). — David Blitt, Shoppe Jewellers, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • “Ah, goldsmith.” With the Revere Academy of Jewelry Making closing in San Francisco it is up to us, the goldsmiths, to train the next generation. We old farts are dying, cashing out, quitting. Teach our art and craft to the next generation. Take the time to train an apprentice. I’ve got five. — Stephen Ware, Ware Designs, Lafayette, CA
  • At the end of my career I want to be viewed and remembered just like my grandfather was. He was a legend in my eyes and in the eyes of many others. He was known as a true gentlemen, exceptional merchant and had an eye for exceptional jewels. He had incredible work ethic, was a very honest and fair man and I won’t to be remembered just like that. — Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX
  • Leave behind a ton of pieces with our signature stamp inside and smiles on the faces of our happy clients. — Julie Terwilliger, Wexford Jewelers, Cadillac, MI
  • “They made me happy” — Rosanne Kroen, Rosanne’s Diamonds & Gold, South Bend, IN
  • We want our customers to feel like family. Hopefully, when we die, our children will be comforted by throngs of people at our wake, telling them funny and meaningful stories of how we were part of their lives also. — Beth Cevasco, Scott’s Custom Jewelers, Fairlawn, OH
  • My main legacy, I hope, will be that I was an asset and a help to both the town I live in and the neighboring town where my shop is located. Moreover I plan to leave a scholarship for aspiring bench jewelers. — Jim Doggett, Doggett Jewelry, Kingston, NH
  • A good friend of mine recently shared with me a conversation she overheard about our business. It was regarding the many ways we give back to our community, primarily through donations. I’m happy people notice these things and I’d be blessed and honored to be remembered as a caring, giving person when I’m gone. — Jane Johnson, R.M. Johnson & Sons Jewelers, Salem, VA
  • The heartbeat of our store is to be a multi-generational jeweler for many families. To be remembered as the jewelers that feel more like family who always took care of you and made your celebrations incredible, that is a worthy legacy to pursue! — Morgan Bartel, Susann’s Custom Jewelers, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Being a bridge from one generation to the next; redesigning business for profitability, sustainability; keeping dad’s traditions of honesty, integrity, exceptional work ethic and onsite bench services, cherishing each person’s story, having a priority that everyone feels welcome and treated well, encouraging my son to access every resource to excel at his love – being at the bench. — Jill Keith, Enchanted Jewelry, Danielson, CT
  • He was an honest jeweler! — Ira Kramer, The Diamond Exchange of Maryland, Rockville, MD
  • Service, service, service – John E. Thompson, Shabree Jewelers, Sheboygan, WI
  • Imagination, as the designer of all we sell, and versatility in thinking of how to redesign customers’ old jewelry in unexpected ways, also attention to our customers’ needs and wants, even the unstated ones. Yes, I spend too much time with some of them.. But they become attached to us, and now we see their descendants come to us in turn.. – Eve J. Alfille, Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, Evanston, IL 
  • I hope that we have created a fun, comfortable place to shop for either a me-to-me purchase or the place you think of when you need a gift. — Laurie Langdon, Elisa Ilana Jewelry, Omaha, NE
  • I’ve tried to be a positive force in the industry, with employees and associates as well as with clients and the community. A smile and a penchant for doing the right thing is important and speaks volumes. — Jon Walp, Long Jewelers, Virginia Beach, VA
  • It gives meaning and purpose to my life and keeps me from pondering the point of it all. Thanks for reminding me. — Bill Elliott, Ross Elliott Jewelers, Terre Haute, IN
  • Forty years and counting of reliable and professional service to the community. — Robert Borneman, Diamond Jewelers, Centereach and Port Jefferson Station, NY
  • I’ve been doing this since I was 11 and I knew it was how I wanted to spend my life. I love being able to have something tangible to help people commemorate memories. I also love being able to keep the memories alive and in-tact by repairing things like family heirlooms. I hope to leave a legacy of celebrating positive moments in people’s lives. — Chris Wattsson, Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers, Marquette, MI
  • We make jewelry, it’s signed, some of it will likely last for hundreds of years or more. — Mark Clodius, Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL

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