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What’s in a Name? Does It Really Matter with Fire Like This?

I have a higher dispersion than diamond and come in a lovely yellowy green.





I AM ONE OF those stones where mineralogists and gemologists diverge on nomenclature, with the former getting all hung up on my titanium properties and the latter sticking with my lovely traditional name that audibly evokes thoughts of clean, lean and yellowy green. I am one of the few minerals with a dispersion higher than a diamond, but my modest rating on the Mohs scale means I am usually too fragile to be used in rings.

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Moving Up — Not Out — with Wilkerson

Trish Parks has always wanted to be in the jewelry business and that passion has fueled her success. The original Corinth Jewelers opened in the Mississippi town of the same name in 2007. This year, Parks moved her business from its original strip mall location to a 10,000-square foot standalone store. To make room for fresh, new merchandise, she asked Wilkerson to organize a moving sale. “What I remember most about the sale is the outpouring excitement and appreciation from our customers,” says Parks. Would she recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers? “I would recommend Wilkerson because they came in, did what they were supposed to and made us all comfortable. And we met our goals.”

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