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The Place Where Jewelers Need to Be (on Social Media)

Pinterest is social media dominated by women.




QUESTION: What is the fastest growing social networking site? Nope, it’s not Facebook, according to comScore Media’s January 2012 survey, it’s Pinterest!

And while change is never easy, many of the new features should come as a welcome addition to marketers hoping to leverage the site’s potential.

Pinterst is a social media site almost totally driven by women (your buyers) and it’s a place you need to be. Imagine Facebook, but instead of words, there are pictures. Pinterest is a site for sharing pictures of things people love.

If I tell you about a gorgeous necklace, you will listen, but it’s not likely you will fall in love with it too until you see it — which is where Pinterest comes in. If a woman likes a picture you post, she puts a “pin” in it, saving it to view later while also sharing it with her Pinterest friends. If people like what you post, they can follow you and see and share your pictures.

So how can Pinterest help you sell more jewelry?

Let’s say I want to look at pictures of ruby rings. I would go to Pinterest and search “ruby rings.” Then pictures of fantastic ruby rings will come up! In contrast to Google Images, where many of the pictures are either repetitive or irrelevant, with Pinterest, each picture is amazing.


So, to drive interest to your store, you should post pictures of fantastic jewelry. Make sure your picture is unique and fun; otherwise, it will be ignored. The more beautiful and interesting the pictures of jewelry you post, the more likely they will be passed around.

Under each picture, link to your store’s website. From that link, women can either buy the jewelry, come into your store to see what other great jewelry you have, or at the very least remember your store’s name while passing it along to other women.

If you also add a price to the description under the jewelry picture you posted, Pinterest automatically makes a price banner, and women will know the item is for sale. Generally speaking, Pinterest is more about spreading awareness of your product than directly selling. You should not be saying, “Hey, buy this!” You should be trying to say, “Isn’t this pretty? You should come take a look.”

Check out Whole Foods picture boards for a good example of how their pictures reinforce and connect you to their brand. Give your boards interesting, inviting names. Make your boards things people want to share. If you use Pinterest correctly, other women will do your advertising for you! It’s like word of mouth through pictures.

Have fun with it! Encourage women to post images of themselves wearing your jewelry.






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