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Which Jewelry Trends Will Glitter at the Oscars? Here Are 4




These looks are coming on strong.

As we count down to the 90th annual Academy Awards, which will be televised live on March 4, what will be the jewelry stars of the evening? If we take a look at the Oscars from last year and the Golden Globes and SAG Awards that recently took place, we can predict some of what may appear on the red carpet. Here’s what we believe will turn up at the Oscars 2018:

  • Statement earrings in every conceivable silhouette (which has been the hot ticket for two years running).
  • Colored gemstones.
  • Statement necklaces.
  • Hair jewelry.

Earrings, including chandeliers, pendant and linear styles, cuffs, climbers, mismatched looks and multiples of different lengths or studs and drops all continue to appear on the red carpet as well as the runways. These are not “running their course” — instead, we are seeing more and more creative interpretations.

Real women of every age have even gone out and gotten more piercings in their lobes so they can wear the multiples look. Due to the fact that they showed up again on the recent spring couture 2018 and fall/winter 2018-2019 and at all of the awards shows, we believe we will see more renditions on Oscar night.

Colored gemstones, from emeralds to sapphires to multi-gems, regal and vibrant colors were seen on the red carpet at The Golden Globes and SAG Awards in January. Traditionally, once we see a trend taking shape at the award ceremonies that kick off the season, we usually see more of it and in more glamorous interpretations at the Oscars. Additionally, color has been trending, and a rainbow of vibrant colors hasgone from spring into fall/winter fashions. This is always a good indicator for jewelry trends.

Statement necklaces were extremely popular at last year’s Oscars and with certain A-list celebrities at the Globes and SAG awards. We are seeing women opt for empowering pieces of jewelry — confident, bold and dramatic — and there is no better time for actresses to bring on their A-game in jewelry than the Oscars.


Hair jewelry dresses up the tresses, and there is a definite direction toward tiaras and diadems for a regal look. With so many celebrities wearing antique and vintage jewelry, it lends itself to a sense of daring and drama, and there is no better time toget into this trend than at the biggest night of red carpet events — with all of Hollyowod’s royalty out for the occasion.


Please comment and let us know what your predictions are for the 90th Academy Awards jewelry!

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