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Why Have 1,800+ Jewelers Switched to BriteCo?

Amidst the dramatic changes and challenges in our industry, independent retail jewelers are looking for ways to use digital technology to reach prospects, save staff time and effort, and build customer loyalty.

Zachariah Turpin understands. A second-generation jeweler, he runs Jackson Hole Jewelry Co. in the shadow of the Teton Range. The shop has many loyal local customers, and also attracts many visitors in town for only a short time but who want to take a bit of Wyoming home with them.

Why Have 1,800+ Jewelers Switched to BriteCo?

Zachariah Turpin and his team at Jackson Hole Jewelry Co. are using BriteCo’s free appraisal software to create an elevated customer experience in Wyoming.

Enter BriteCo, an innovative technology company that has simplified and streamlined the once-cumbersome process of appraising and insuring fine jewelry. Using BriteCo’s free software — which is continually updated using hundreds of thousands of data points — Turpin and his staff can quickly generate an appraisal while their customer gets an immediate insurance offer directly from BriteCo. “For us,” he says, “BriteCo is really a fantastic customer service differentiator.”

BriteCo has made my life so much easier,” according to Pennsylvania jewelry store owner Bethany Hawn, a GIA Graduate Gemologist. “As a gemologist , I was spending hours for what now takes me minutes,” she explains, “And, the professional BriteCo platform is stunning. My customers love it and I love it too!”

Purchasing BriteCo insurance proved fortunate for young engaged couple Steve and Ashley, because research shows that about half of engagement ring buyers walk out of the store with their investment uninsured or underinsured. When Ashley’s ring was damaged, she was able to file a claim with BriteCo in minutes on her smartphone, select a replacement within days where her fiancé purchased the ring, and pick up the restored piece by the end of the week.

Why Have 1,800+ Jewelers Switched to BriteCo?

The BriteCo team (from left) Chief Technology Officer Ben Mautner; Chief Marketing Officer John Ortbal; CEO Dustin Lemick; and Chief Insurance Officer Conor Redmond. We look forward to meeting you.

BriteCo CEO Dustin Lemick is himself a third-generation jeweler who spent years of frustration processing appraisals and wrangling with insurance companies over replacement claims. “With today’s technology, I knew there had to be a better way to do appraisals along with insuring fine jewelry,” he says. Unlike typical homeowners’ insurance, BriteCo’s AM Best A+ rated policies have no deductibles nor out-of-pocket costs, and they cover replacement of a jewelry piece or watch for up to 125 percent of appraisal value. There are no preferred networks, so your customer is referred directly back to your store.

Howie at Robert Irwin Jewelers: “BriteCo has totally streamlined the appraisal process and our customers love it.”

Andrew at Chrysella Fine Jewelry: “We absolutely love BriteCo. It’s super easy to use and our staff and customers love the experience.”

“Not long ago, a bridal magazine published a thousand-word article titled ‘How to Get Engagement Ring Insurance: 9 Things You Need to Know,’ as if anyone would have the time or inclination to do all nine steps,” Dustin marvels. “BriteCo has made that long list a thing of the past, with just one seamless step. While everybody seems to be talking about how technology can change our lives for the better, BriteCo is actually doing it. We are continuously improving the retail jewelry experience, making it more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.”

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Why Have 1,800+ Jewelers Switched to BriteCo?
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