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Why Moissanite?

A sales primer for the retail jewelry store





If the idea of selling moissanite gives you pause, we hope to change your mind. Selling Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® just makes good business sense. And it’s the reason why we’re dedicating four Master Classes to training you and your staff to sell it.

We want to give you all the information you need to first, convince you to carry it in your store and second, teach you how to present it to customers. We realize that you have to first be sold on the product yourselves before you can communicate the beauty and benefits of moissanite to others.

Perhaps you’ve never sold moissanite before. You aren’t convinced your customers will buy it. Here are some of the strongest reasons why it’s important to stock it today: 

The Ethically Sourced Alternative

First, your customers crave alternatives to traditional diamonds. Research shows that millennials—consumers born between 1984 – 2002—are drawn to products that are ethically sourced, sustainable and conflict-free. This demographic is 87 million strong and either are or will soon be of marriageable age. To this market, the standard diamond engagement ring is less of a given and more of an elective. Jewelers, designers and leaders in ethically sourced jewelry, such as the online seller Brilliant Earth, carry and promote moissanite as a viable alternative to diamonds. Don’t miss out on this expanding market.  

Better Margins, Superior Product

Moissanite offers stronger margins than diamonds and comes in three different grade ranges—colorless or D-E-F, near-colorless or G-H-I and J-K, based on the Gemological Institute of America’s color grading scale.

Charles & Colvard’s colorless moissanite, Forever One™, is a triumph of art, science and sustained effort. The structural configuration of this new moissanite material is what yields its unsurpassed, colorless (D-E-F) quality. While chemically it is still silicon carbide (SiC), and its optical and hardness properties remain the same, it is the stacking of SiC material in the manufacturing process that makes Forever One moissanite unlike any of its predecessors. 

Most recently, Charles & Colvard has developed a second grade of Forever One, in G-H-I quality. This near colorless gemstone emits a faint, icy hue compared to its near-colorless predecessor, Forever Brilliant®, which yields a warm, yellow hue. 

Charles & Colvard Forever Classic™ offers subtle color shades in the J-K range, with faint undertones of green, yellow or gray.

Brilliance That Will Never Fade

Every Charles & Colvard created gem is guaranteed to retain its innate brilliance and color, and remain as beautiful as the day you bought it. Loose goods and finished jewelry containing Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® 4mm in size or larger also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance. 

Why Moissanite?

Moissanite Basics:

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by French-born chemist Henri Moissan. The gem that would forever bear his name was discovered in minute particles in a meteorite in Arizona. For over 20 years, Charles & Colvard has duplicated the silicon carbide gemstone in its North Carolina laboratories. Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is now offered in three different grades— colorless or D-E-F, near-colorless or G-H-I and J-K. —and a variety of shapes and millimeter sizes. Rather than carat weight, moissanite is sold by millimeter size.


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