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Women’s Jewelry Association Launches Online Video Channel




It’s focused on networking, education and leadership.

(Press Release) POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — The Women’s Jewelry Association has debuted a new online video channel, WJAtv, to celebrate the networking, education and leadership development at the heart of WJA’s mission. Featuring exclusive interviews and conversations with the industry’s most influential leaders, behind-the-scenes footage from trade shows, educational forums and other networking events and other original content, WJAtv will be the home of all video content for the organization.

The new channel is easily accessible through the group’s website,, and features valuable information for members and professionals working in all aspects of the jewelry and watch industries.

“WJAtv provides a broad range of industry content for everyone, everywhere, whether a viewer is a designer, manufacturer, retailer, or aficionado with a passion for fine jewelry,” says WJA International Board President Brandee Dallow. “I genuinely believe WJAtv will transform industry conversations, making us much closer and that much more informed. It will also create boundless opportunities for industry companies and organizations to sponsor or collaborate with WJAtv.”

WJAtv is organized by themed pages, making it easy for the user to have an engaging experience. Topics covered on the channel include:

  • WJA Events – covering all WJA gatherings.
  • WJA Culture – featuring the WJA community at work and play.
  • WJA Members – highlighting WJA members’ experiences, thoughts, and inspirations. 
  • Designers & Artists – showcasing the tremendous talent within the WJA community and jewelry industry at large.
  • Industry Insiders – profiling key influencers in the jewelry industry and shows.
  • WJA WOW (Women of Wisdom) – featuring industry leaders, designers, and executives sharing words of wisdom and advice for young women looking to break into the industry.
  • WJA Milestones – highlighting the winners of WJA scholarships and grants.
  • WJA Supporters – showcasing friends of the WJA who sponsor events and provide material support to the organization.

WJAtv was developed and produced in collaboration with Elias World Media, an award-winning multimedia content creation company specializing in the conception, production and distribution of video. Elias World Media CEO Monica Elias, also a WJA board member and the first-ever content chair, provided her skills and her company’s resources to WJA on a generous pro-bono basis. Elias World Media was also responsible for the build and design of the digital channel.

“We have worked closely with the jewelry and watch industries for over a decade to help brands, designers, retailers and associations tell their stories and connect with consumers and the media,” said Elias. “Video content is fundamental when creating conversation, engagement, and community in today’s visual world, so we are excited to be able to volunteer our time, skillsets, and resources to support WJA and to give back to the industry with something that leaves a lasting impression. We believe WJAtv will increase the association’s membership, and act as a central location for industry news, education, mentorship, and community. Witnessing the exceptional teamwork between our company and the entire WJA board of directors and their committees is a testament of the promising future that lies ahead for the organization.”


WJAtv will also perform as a communications hub for the U.S.-based WJA chapters, the growing community of international chapters, and the recently established Unplugged chapter for members without a nearby group. Regional chapters will be able to share news and developments and social media content on a national platform with other members more effectively and in a timely and consistent manner.

“WJAtv enables us to tell the story of our mission in new and captivating ways — and it offers front-row access to the energy and sense of community that our members share,” says WJA Executive Director Bernadette Mack.

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