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Worthmore Jewelers Inc.




Worthmore Jewelers Inc., Atlanta, GA

OWNER: DWorthmore Jewelers Inc.; ADDRESS: 500 Amsterdam Avenue L3 Atlanta, GA 30306; PHONE: 404-892-8294

WITH ITS BRIGHT COLORS jazzy atmosphere, and loudly-heralded promise of low prices, Wothmore Jewelers in Atlanta is a far cry from an austere high-end mall outlet. Harris Botnick and his crew are far more interested in making the jewelry buying experience fun for their loyal clientele than playing the society card

How long have you been at this address, and how did you find out about it?

Worthmore has been at this location for nine years. I ran a mall store for five years previous and knew I didn’t want to open in a mall. We looked around Atlanta and found this unique renovated warehouse area.

What would you say is unique about the store itself?

When we moved in we tore out the carpet and handpainted the concrete floor to look like large Mexican tile. The cases we display our merchandise on are shaped to look like shipping crates, and filled with pinto beans. Customers are usually greeted by our boxer, Scuba Steve. Once customers absorb the surroundings they’re thrilled to see the large range of jewelry we offer. Another unique thing about Worthmore is our advertising. We do not use any vendor-created ads. We have worked with an agency to create ads with a sense of humor. We use lines like, “You should see all the studs in our store” (diamond earrings); “We’ve got the rings give us the finger”; and “Let us ring your neck” (diamond necklaces).

Any other stand-out features?

Our staff are very relaxed and low pressure, and we have a good time with our customers. We do have one wall devoted to GIA diplomas so customers can see that although we have a good time, we have the experience and knowledge they need. Our hours also set us apart form traditional jewelers. We only open to the public Thur-Sunday. We’re in the store working with private customers and designing custom jewelry every day but Tuesday. These hours let our customers know we are not the typical jeweler.


How did you decide on the decor?

The d?cor reflects our approachable style. The store is 2500 square feet. We keep all of our cases very full, and don’t use a lot of props in the cases to take up room. The floor is hand painted concrete, the ceiling is painted clouds, and there’s a sitting area with two sofas in the back of the store near the diamond case. We keep a good selection of watch and jewelry magazines for customers to flip though, and a big basket of toys to occupy young children. We get very busy during open hours and have found our customers don’t mind waiting quite as much while relaxing and looking through magazines.

Who undertook the design for you?

How closely did you work with them? We came up with the design and hired a set designer to make it. We wanted to make sure it did not look too prefab like some stores do. The set designer took our ideas and made them a reality.

Were there any specific requirements when it came to converting the building into a jewelry store?

(eg lighting, lay-out and so on) The store was a 2500-foot rectangle when we moved in. It was not too difficult since nothing was in our way.

How much did it cost to adapt the building?

Was it worth it? We built the store in two stages. When we moved in 9 years ago we put up a wall to make the show room 1300 square feet. Last year, the summer of 2001 we were able to take down the wall and use the full 2500 as planned. We were a one-store start up company and pride ourselves on the fact that we created a fabulous store for about $12,000.00, so yes it was well worth it.

How do people usually react to the store?

They have a good time. When someone new comes in they aren’t quite sure what we are all about with Our dog greeting them and the unique interior. Once a few feet into the store they are usually very taken with the selection and range of items we carry.


Do you think the unusual appearance of the store helps sales?

(Any before-and-after stats to back this up?) It is a great asset. Atlanta is a very competitive market and so many of the stores are what I call dark wood stores. We didn’t want to look anything like that. We wanted a comfortable, approachable atmosphere where all types of people could enjoy shopping. No stats to back it up but continued growth and lots of referals tells us something.

What do you like most about the store? And least?

What I like the most is our staff. We are very fortunate to have a committed crew that treats the store and customers like they are their own. What I like least is my desk; it is impossible to keep clean.

How does the design of the store fit in with the jewelry you sell?

In one way it really works with it, as we carry such a unique selction of items. We are constantly trying new items and designers. It makes buying a little more difficult and more risky, but we don’t like to always get in the same piece once it sells. On the other hand the design of the store is totally opposite of what most people would expect for the level of merchandise we carry. It is not an uncommon sight to have someone buying a $15.00 silver ring exchanging opinions with another customer purchasing a $10,000.00 diamond ring.

What’s the history of the building itself?

Who was it built by and why? The center we are in is called Amsterdam Walk. It was originally a warehouse / lumberyard. The landlord, Halpern Ent. has done a great job making the center into an easily accessible shopping area.

Any ghosts??!

No ghosts, but we do keep an urn on the watch repair bench that is labeled “ashes of problem customers”

Do you have any plans to alter the store further?

At this time we are still in a good growth stage so we are happy and able to manage it as it is. We do have long range plans for other stores.

Thanks so much for your time.


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