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Would You Ever Take a Political Stand as a Business? This German Company Did

The stance was related to immigration.




Edeka shelves empty of foreign products

THE UNITED STATES is not the only country struggling to come to terms with the inherent diversity of the modern age. Germany has also experienced several episodes of unrest related to the issue of immigration. Edeka, a supermarket chain, decided to be clear where it stood. For a month, it removed all foreign products from its shelves, replacing them with signs such as “Our selection now knows borders” and “This shelf is pretty boring without diversity.” It was a risky move. Removing products from shelves is dicey enough from competitive and revenue standpoints, let alone the risk of alienating customers with opposed political views. Still, Edeka showed it was willing to take a stand on something it felt strongly about, and it has demographics on its side. According to marketing company Enso, which publishes a World Value Index, brands that promote “meaning” do better with millennials, whose spending power has surpassed that of baby boomers. In a similarly fraught political climate in the US, would you consider doing something as bold?

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