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X Jewellery Launches 2017 Campaign Featuring ‘Everyday Women’

Danish start-up X Jewellery will release its first ever calendar in November.




(PRESS RELEASE) Danish start-up X Jewellery, will release its first ever calendar in November.

Featuring 12 black-and-white portraits, the X Calendar celebrates inspiring everyday women who have overcome challenges on their path to success. Each of the women chosen for the calendar has dedicated her talents to improving the lives of others.

It’s the same ethos which drives the X Jewellery team; a desire to empower women to follow their dreams and celebrate their milestones on the path to success. To achieve this, the work of X Jewellery is guided by three key promises:

1. To create personalized jewelry made by you.

2. To utilize Scandinavian design and craftsmanship for the highest quality products.

3. To invest 10 percent of the company’s annual profits in a woman/women who needs financial support to achieve their dreams.


Financial support for women will be provided through the X Foundation, with recipients to be chosen annually by the everyday heroes from that year’s calendar.

The idea behind the calendar is that in sharing the stories of these everyday women who have faced obstacles, other women will be inspired to follow dreams of their own. X Jewellery admires women who dare to make a difference and wants to create a universe where women can inspire and support each other. In fact, it is everyday heroes and prominent self-made women who inspire the brand’s work.

The 2017 calendar features women from both streams. While not yet household names, some of the heroes, like Mette De Fine Licht, Kaitlin Roig, Katie Meyler, Natasha Al Hairiri, Anne-Marie Imafidon, Anne-Mette Michaelsen and Eliza Rebeiro have already garnered media attention for their initiatives to enact social change. Others like Tessa Duste, Thea Hill, Anne-Floor Sinnige, Jin Kang and Federica Salfo are everyday heroes quietly making a splash in their own domains, but with big aspirations nonetheless.

Hailing from an array of backgrounds, each of the women has drawn on personal challenges and used their success to elevate others; think witnesses to violence teaching compassion and prevention; the previously poverty stricken providing financial assistance; outcasts preaching self-acceptance, dignity and diversity; travellers breathing life and greenery into cities – these are women getting behind other women in order that communities may thrive.

The print calendar will be complemented by a strong digital campaign, whereby every month will see the release of a new everyday hero video on the X Jewellery Blog, as well as an in-depth article telling the hero’s story. Calendars will be available to buy on, as well as at selected retailers, some of whom will gift the calendars with the purchase of X Jewellery products.




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