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10 Over 80

Passion keeps these octogenarian jewelry store owners in the game.

Jewelry store owners are a dedicated, passionate bunch, many of whom have little interest in full retirement.

So it wasn’t too surprising that we were able to find and profile 10 owners (or former owners) over the age of 80 who retain some level of involvement in their businesses, whether or not they still hold the title of CEO.

The people we’ve profiled do everything from buying and designing jewelry and appearing in TV commercials to repairing watches and consulting with long-time clients, who’ve become enduring friends. They’ve distilled what interested them most into what they devote their time to now.

They also want to ensure that the points of distinction they’ve based their businesses on endure, preserve the company culture, and help the next generation of family ownership succeed.

We asked why full retirement isn’t in the cards for them, now or perhaps, ever. All express a passion for the business.

Jim Rosenheim, director at Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC, turned 80 this year and continues to work with his son, Matthew. He attends trade shows and leads the charge on jewelry products. “I love the industry, I love the products and frankly, I love dealing with the public. I love the opportunity to be creative and to build a business. I don’t work because I have to work. I love what I do.”

Sissy Jones, 83, of Sissy’s Log Cabin in Pine Bluff, AR, says she is proud that her family has joined her in the business she founded in a literal log cabin, an enterprise that since 1970 has grown regionally to include six fine jewelry store locations. “It’s been a wonderful ride, really,” she says. “We’ve developed something for them to have and to continue. And I want them to give back to the community as much as they take.”

Click on the pictures below to read similarly inspiring stories from the elder statespeople of jewelry retail.

10 Over 80
Bill Underwood
Fayetteville, AR


10 Over 80
Bob Mednikow
Mednikow Jewelers
Memphis, TN


10 Over 80
David Adams
Frank Adams Jewelers,
Albany, NY


10 Over 80
Eve Alfille
Eve Alfille Gallery
Evanston, IL


10 Over 80
Gilles St-Georges
Enchanted Jewelry
Plainfield, CT


10 Over 80
Eric Nyman
Nyman Jewelers,
Escanaba, MI


10 Over 80
Sissy Jones
Sissy’s Log Cabin,
Pine Bluff, AR


10 Over 80
Joan Charlene Little
Genesis Jewelry,
Muscle Shoals, AL


10 Over 80
Jim Rosenheim
Tiny Jewel Box,
Washington, DC


10 Over 80
Lyle Husar
Craig Husar Fine Jewelry,
Brookfield, WI