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5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab

5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab
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From mobile units to a specialization in identifying laboratory-grown diamonds, SGL International is poised to disrupt the grading industry by making it more convenient than ever to grade and test diamonds, and especially finished diamond jewelry.

For many businesses, grading is reserved for its most important diamonds and jewelry. There’s the issue of preparing and insuring the shipments. And then, of course, the long wait for the results. But what if a business didn’t have to do it this way? What if, instead of sending merchandise out to the lab, the lab came to the business?

Three Ways to Get SGL Protection

1. Send your diamonds and jewelry for testing with results tallied within days (not months).

2. SGL will send a team of gemologists to your store for on-site lab services.

3. Purchase a Dia Screen™ lab grown detection instrument to perform on-the-spot screening in store. Contact the company directly for information on its try-before-you-buy program.

This is exactly the type of unique, personalized service SGL International offers. New to the U.S. market and with the only satellite “mobile” labs in the diamond industry, the company’s on-site laboratories take the wait, bother and high costs out of certification—all while using state-of-the-art equipment affiliated with its 16 established laboratories throughout the world.

Want to know more? Here are 5 strong reasons to consider SGL International:

1. “Street” Purchases Verification Program

With so many jewelers purchasing off the street, there’s a real danger of buying—or far worse, reselling—misrepresented goods. SGL can either screen, screen and grade or screen, grade and certify the merchandise. Buying off the street is a big business. Now you can make it a safe business as well.

2. On-Site Laboratory

SGL offers a vast majority of testing and grading services at a jeweler’s place of business, and can test large quantities of merchandise at one time. With no need for insuring or shipping, SGL reports can be generated quickly, expediting the process and saving money at the same time.

5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab
SGL’s diamond grading reports are comprehensive, thorough and can also include GemEx Light Performance analysis and appraisal.

3. Lab-Grown Diamond Testing

SGL specializes in the detection of laboratory-grown diamonds. They can screen for lab-grown diamonds as well as grade and certify lab-grown loose stones and jewelry in their lab. But retailers can also purchase Dia Screen™, a detection instrument from SGL that allows the screening and detection of lab-grown stones on site. Dia Screen™ quickly distinguishes natural from laboratory-grown diamonds, identifying HPHT lab grown from CVD lab-grown, as well as cubic zirconia and moissanite, either loose or in finished jewelry.

5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab
SGL specializes in the detection of laboratory-grown diamonds and provides grading reports that help consumers make educated decisions.

4. Full Grading Reports

SGL’s complete reports include a detailed description of the diamond’s 4C’s—color, clarity, cut and carat weight, a plotted diagram of the diamond’s characteristics and a graphic representation of its proportions. Each report can also include a GemEx light performance analysis and appraisal.

Reports are available in multiple sizes/formats. For loose stones: Full Diamond Report and Mini Diamond Report. For finished jewelry: Medium Diamond Report and “Credit Card.”

5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab
The Dia Screen™ can quickly distinguish natural from laboratory-grown diamonds and can do so with multiple quantities of loose or finished goods.

5. Secure Data Storage and Point-of-Sale Advantages

Using blockchain-based technology, SGL securely stores client data on their SGL server. Jewelers (or manufacturers) can easily access and print their SGL reports and certifications immediately at the point-of-sale. Think about eliminating the need to handle physical reports, as well as the need for reprints. The whole process becomes simpler, faster, more convenient, more efficient, and far more cost effective. Available in a wide variety of format sizes, jewelers can print the report and hand it immediately to their customer, reassuring them that the jewelry they’ve purchased is exactly as specified. SGL supplies special paper for this purpose that can be used with any standard office printer.

5 Reasons Why This Industry Needs Another Diamond Grading Lab
For more information about SGL, its 16 worldwide laboratories and services, visit or email

About SGL: SGL is an independent international laboratory that provides professional diamond identification, grading, detection and authentication services to the gems and jewelry industry worldwide through its 16 centers in the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India.,/small>