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As Online Grows, RapNet Offers the Ultimate Jewelry Trading Platform


The world’s leading diamond trading network now offers the only jewelry selling platform with the RapNet name. Introduced in February 2019, RapNet Jewelry aims to move the industry closer to a 24/7/365 virtual trade show, connecting its tens of thousands of members in 97 countries around the world to a catalog of beautifully photographed, competitively priced fine jewelry.

“RapNet’s jewelry trading option is designed to help jewelers source and sell jewelry efficiently and securely,” says the company’s Chief Operating Officer Saville Stern. RapNet offers the convenience of trading fine jewelry within the same platform as its diamonds, all from thousands of trusted, vetted suppliers.

With over one million trades a year and an average daily listing of more than 1.5 million diamonds valued at over $7 billion, there is no trading site that compares with RapNet in terms of security, trading volume or industry reputation. RapNet Jewelry offers an established, competitive marketplace for buyers and sellers as well as exposure to tens of thousands of jewelry industry members. There are also no listing or transaction fees for RapNet jeweler, dealer or supplier members.

RapNet’s focus on bringing like-minded parties together offers benefits to everyone. RapNet members will now be able to shop, compare products and prices with trusted members around the world. Buyers can trust RapNet’s intuitive search to find the jewelry they’re looking for at the price they want to pay. Search filters improve performance, and a “save” option lets members capture their favorite searches for later viewing or future reference. Sellers enjoy no limits on the number of rings, necklaces, earrings, watches and other pieces that can be upload to the site.

As with its diamond trades, suppliers will ship directly to buyers. And although the jewelry equivalent of a grading report will not be available, RapNet is working with appraisers to offer services for selected pieces in the not-too-distant future.

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