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How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience

How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience

Sarine’s AI-based solutions have allowed Boucheron to offer their customers a fully digitized Diamond Report that showcases everything they want to know about their diamond in an interactive and visually stunning way.

How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience

At Boucheron, engagement consumers discover an exciting interactive customer experience like no other. That’s because Boucheron teamed up with Sarine to create a custom diamond report that combines precise AI-powered grading with true verifiable traceability. Value and values come together to give clients confidence that this is the right diamond and the right store to buy it in. In this interview with Boucheron CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, see how Sarine’s technology transforms the Boucheron diamond buying experience.

Why did Boucheron decide to create a custom diamond report powered by Sarine?

How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience

Boucheron CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne.

Boucheron is committed to full traceability of its key raw material by 2025. Traceability and transparency of our supply chain is crucial to guarantee we uphold all our partners to our high social and environmental standards.

The Sarine Diamond Journey report enables us to gain verifiable data from every step of the supply chain, from the mine to the cutting factory to our workshops. The solution also relies on existing infrastructure and technology that are already integrated by our partners across the value chain.

Finally, we decided to offer to our client a custom Boucheron Diamond Certificate, fully digitalized. We want to offer to our clients a unique experience, to tell them the beautiful story of their diamond. And we want to give them assurance on their stone’s quality in a Boucheron certificate, not a certificate from an external laboratory. This creates a real trust relationship between the client and our Maison.

How has the report been received by consumers?

Clients were very receptive to the story and our approach on transparency and traceability. On top of that, the digital certificate is innovative, experiential, and adapted to our modern lifestyles. You can store it easily, share it, and access it whenever you want from wherever.

Rigorous 4C grading remains key for every solitaire diamond client. We have confidence in the precision and accuracy of Sarine’s AI grading. And the interactive digital certificate enables us to offer a comprehensive overview of the stone’s beauty and character. Clients appreciate learning more about their stones in a visually impacting way. For example, the Diamond Journey report shows clients the steps their unique stone has travelled, from rough to polished, which is an engaging experience.

How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience

The historic Boucheron boutique 26 Place Vendôme.

Founded in 1858, Boucheron has an important legacy. How do you balance tradition and the modernity of AI diamond grading and a digital-only report?

Boucheron enjoys a rich history and heritage, but innovation and progress are in our DNA. We like to challenge the status quo and believe that what our clients want is the utmost accuracy of their diamond grading and that is what AI grading can offer. They also care about the provenance of their diamond and the impact it can have on the world. They are curious and want to discover the beautiful story of their stone. And thanks to Sarine that’s what our Boucheron digital report can offer.


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How Boucheron Uses Sarine to Transform the Customer Experience