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Build Your Brand with  AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports

Build Your Brand With AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports

Every day, you work hard to build your brand and earn your customer’s trust. That’s why your community relies upon you for jewelry that celebrates the most important moments of their lives.

But what happens when it comes to the modern digital savvy consumer? Especially when you’re selling something as valuable as a diamond. How can you provide them with indisputable diamond data so they’ll know they can absolutely trust you to tell them about diamond quality? And what does relying on a third party to grade your diamond say about your brand?

Build Your Brand with  AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports

Sarine’s AI-based eGrading™ is transforming the world of diamond analysis

Imagine, instead, what if you could present your customers with your own branded diamond grading report, backed by the latest advanced AI grading technology and verifiable data, developed by a $200 million public company with a global presence?

Build Your Brand with  AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports

Like Boucheron, you can create your own branded interactive digital Sarine Grading™ report, featuring the unique features of a single stone.

Actually, you can! Sarine, world leading in diamond analysis, has launched revolutionary new AIbased eGrading™ for diamonds. Consistent, accurate, and impartial, eGrading™ is the future standard for diamond quality assurance.

And you can now create your own custom branded Sarine eGrading™ report, harnessing the power of eGrading™ to elevate your brand to become the diamond authority in your community and meet the demands of modern consumers for transparency and traceability. Every time your customer looks at that report, they’ll think of your brand and associate it with diamond quality and the values they care about.

All this information is presented beautifully in an engaging interactive digital experience that takes the diamond buying experience to a new level. Like “Intel Inside®,” eGrading™ reports are powered by Sarine, yet fully customizable according to the needs of the retailer and consumer.

In Paris, Boucheron created a branded interactive digital Sarine eGrading™ report with the entire journey of the diamond, including a diagram of the rough before it was cut. A retailer in Japan uses Sarine’s data to create 3D models of the original rough for the diamonds in their collection for a memorable tactile reminder of its individual journey and sells an exquisite branded package with both rough 3D replica and the beautiful, polished stone.

What you include and how it’s presented is up to you. Sarine will help you every stage of the way.


Almost every diamond cutting factory in the world uses Sarine’s technology to plan the polishing of their rough diamonds. Because Sarine’s innovative eGrading™ happens automatically in the cloud from machines all over the world, it streamlines the path of a diamond to market, saving time for the diamond manufacturers and saving you money as a result. Sarine will work with your current diamond suppliers to collect the information for your custom reports or assist you to easily find “Journey Ready” diamonds suppliers.

Build Your Brand with  AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports

Australian brand Janai has used Sarine technology to brand its diamonds with an unparalleled level of sophistication.

Powered by artificial intelligence, eGrading™ sets a new standard in accuracy, consistency and repeatability. The diamond’s identity is validated by verifiable data at every step of its journey, giving buyers complete confidence in their purchase. No human error. No user control. Impartial and accurate, the system grades diamonds in the cloud and automatically creates your custom report.


With eGrading™, Sarine provides the world’s most accurate, reliable diamond grading information in an engaging interactive digital display that is redefining the consumer diamond buying experience.

This revolution in diamond storytelling will take your brand to the next level. You can start offering your customers a more exciting diamond experience right away.


Contact Sarine today to find out how you can start selling more diamonds tomorrow.

Build Your Brand with  AI-Driven Custom Diamond Reports
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