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Zuri, the store mascot at Giamante, in Anchorage, AK, has won “Employee of the Year” and is so special that she even has her own Instagram hashtag (#ZuriDiamonds). Debi Gimeno of Giamante calls Zuri “the heart of our store” and “our little gem”.
Oliver, the mascot at Craig Husar Fine Diamonds & Jewelry Designs in Brookfield, WI is so special that there is even a topiary version of him (shown here). Owner Craig Husar says he designed his new store with pet-friendly travertine floors to be more welcoming to Oliver and other four-legged friends.
Retired greyhound Freya has been a member of the team at Revolution Jewelry Works in Colorado Springs, CO since 2014. She’s featured on the store’s team website page and she likes to think, “No one can have a bad day when there’s a dog to pet!”
He doesn’t run a traditional jewelry business, and his store mascot is anything but traditional as well. But custom designer Stephen Arnold says that all of his shop clients get to meet what he calls his “danger noodle”, seen here in his feeding tank.
This sweet little pup is a jewelry retail natural, and goes by the industry-appropriate name Melee. You’ll find Melee at Joe Escobar Diamonds in Campbell, CA.
Meet Miss Pearl, the shop mascot at Sholdt in Seattle, WA, who has been coming to work with owner Kaylee Sholdt full-time since she was 10 weeks old. Sholdt says Miss Pearl is “perfect for scaring the wrong people away and always greets clients with her charming smile.”
Since she was nine weeks old, JJ has been the shop dog at JL Jewelers in South Tampa, FL. Says Don Delano of JL Jewelers: “JJ was a rescue puppy that lives the life of a princess. Here she is on her throne.”
Walker Jacobs appears as “store mascot, greeter and cookie monster” on the team page of the website for Toodie’s Fine Jewelry in Quincy, MA. Says owner Howie Jacobs: “He’s the top dog … always closing all his diamond sales.”
Rae is the lovable store mascot at Erik Runyan Jewelers in Vancouver, WA. She often referred to as “Leslie Runyan’s shadow”, and knows exactly how to politely wait and sit for a treat.
Toby, the shop dog at Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in Portland, OR, has his own Instagram account, #tobybobyboo, where he has attracted 119 followers. Owners David and Ronnie Malka say he loves his job, both as a store greeter and a social-media guru. His posts include pictures of his friends and reflect his love of the outdoors.
Harry Winston, aka Winston the Yorkie, is the shop dog at Art + Soul in Boulder, CO. His claim to fame, says owner Debbie Klein, is that he is “The Best Dog. Ever.” His job duties include lounging in the sun in the front window and attracting passersby. “He is our greatest marketing tool,” Klein says. “If you have a cookie, he will be your best friend for life. He used to have more friends on Facebook than I did until Facebook required us to provide proof that he was over age 13 to continue his page. He didn’t have a current, ID, so they shut it down.”
Although they are semi-retired from the business, Lois Morganstern and sidekick Gabriella stop by YLANG YLANG in St. Louis, MO, several times a week to open the mail, pay bills and greet clients. “They are the cutest little duo,” says Julie Ettinger, Lois’ daughter and current owner of YLANG YLANG. “They don’t go anywhere without the other."
Rachel Howard of Star Jewelers on High in Columbus, OH, says her shop dog, Daisy, an Australian shepherd, loves to sit in the store window and people watch, and as a result, brings passersby in to say hi. “Her favorite customers are engagement ring shoppers,” Howard says. “We think she senses their anxiety and sits by them to be a therapy dog and a source of comfort.”
At Erickson Jewelers in Iron Mountain, MI, Ringo and Tino love to snuggle.
Coco, a Maltese-poodle mix, is chief morale officer at LaLonde Jewelers & Gemologists in Gross Pointe Farms, MI, owned by Daniel and Cynthia LaLonde. When she’s not posing for glamour shots for advertisements, she can regularly be found waiting for customers at the door.
At Elizabeth Diamond Co. in Dayton, OH, German shepherd DaisyGirl comes to the store with owner Sonny Singhvi every day. She spends time on the sales floor greeting clients and has a following of fans who stop by to see and pet her. She also specializes in sitting pretty on elegant, upholstered chairs.
Shelby has been a greeter at Vogan Gold & Silver Works in Colorado Springs since she was 10 weeks old. While she loves all customers, she is having an “open fling” with the neighborhood UPS delivery man, Wayne. “I sawy open because Wayne’s wife is well aware and is OK that he has Shelby’s picture on the visor in his big brown truck,” says Teri Vogan. Though Shelby will not change watch batteries, size a ring or tighten a diamond, she is good at customer service in the form of retail therapy. “She works hard,” Vogan says, “and only asks for animal crackers and elbow rubs.” (In the photo, apprentice Hollie Hyde offers Shelby an elbow rub.)
Independence, aka Indi, belongs to the owners of a hardware store that happens to be next door to Persona Custom & Fine Jewelry on Charles Street, a pedestrian-friendly shopping mecca in Boston. As Indi’s name suggests, she goes where she pleases. But as a luxury lover, she prefers to spend much of her time on the red carpet entrance to Persona or perched on the store’s Swarovski-crystal tufted, overstuffed accent chair. People come by to visit Indi, who may look haughty but is actually quite approachable, according to Persona’s creative director Dustin Rennells. Photo credit: Kelsey Riggs.
Rescue dogs Quincy (black and white) and Journey (brown and white) both work for Robert Goodman Jewelers in Zionsville, IN. Because the store, owned by Robert and Rose-Marie Goodman, has a museum vibe, they have become experts at posing as if they, too, are fabulous works of art.
Rescue dogs Quincy (black and white) and Journey (brown and white) of Robert Goodman Jewelers in Zionsville, IN spend quality time peering out the front door.
Lily & Company Jewelers, owned by Karen Bell and Dan Schuyler, was named for Bell’s Labradoodle, Lily, who has become the face of the business in print ads and billboards, where, adorned with top of the line, photo-shopped jewels, she greets every visitor to Sanibel Island. Every year, Lily’s birthday party is a major event on the island.
At Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in Portland, OR, Toby always arrives with a smile.
Roo, an Italian greyhound, has a regal presence befitting her luxurious environment at DeBoulle. “Since 2015, Roo has been sniffing out the best jewelry and customers,” says Josh Garcia, director of creative and marketing. “Before her day begins, we make sure she is pampered and polished, and she loves to wear jewelry. Her typical day involves greeting everyone at the door to deliver the de Boulle experience – and puppy kisses.”
Jewel and Gemma are very effective in the HR department, according to owner Stephenie Bjorkman. They keep everyon on an even keel, staff and customers alike. “Animals are great therapists,” she says. “When clients come in they quickly forget they are “just looking” and immediately let their guard down. Gemma also sits on kids’ laps when they get their ears pierced, easing anxiety. They entertain watch customers, too, while they are waiting. “I can hear customers say, `This is the last time I will throw the ball for you’ then an hour passes, Bjorkman says.
“Meet Charlie, our newest and cutest part-time sales associate. He’s best with greeting customers and making everyone smile,” says Mitchell Dickler, president of Mitchell’s.
At Nancy and David Fine Jewels in Milburn, NJ, co-owners David and Nancy Stone know they can rely on mini-poodle Rico to welcome every customer.
French bulldog Gaston, pictured in the loving arms of owner Ashley Porter, spends lots of his time planted on the threshold, wagging his whole body, daring you to keep walking without scratching behind his ears. Everyone takes his photo, framed in the doorway of the boutique, with its iconic French Quarter architecture. Tourists also ask Gaston to pose for selfies with them. Photo credit: Eileen McClelland
Chocolate lab Max, professional greeter, is co-owned by Douglas Elliott (pictured) and Marisa Perry, who together own and manage Marisa Perry Atelier.
The store greeter at YLANG-YLANG in St. Louis, MO, couldn't be any cuter.
Here's a friendly face at Lowden Jewelers in Marion, IN.
Alaska Store Dog Was Named ‘Employee of the Year’ … and More of America’s Cutest Jewelry Store Mascots

Alaska Store Dog Was Named ‘Employee of the Year’ … and More of America’s Cutest Jewelry Store Mascots

Zuri, the store mascot at Giamante, in Anchorage, AK, has won “Employee of the Year” and is so special that she even has her own Instagram hashtag (#ZuriDiamonds). Debi Gimeno of Giamante calls Zuri “the heart of our store” and “our little gem”.