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GCAL by Sarine: The Future of Diamond Grading Has Arrived
GCAL by Sarine: The Future of Diamond Grading Has Arrived

This month Sarine, the world’s diamond technology leader, acquired a majority stake in GCAL, the New York-based diamond grading lab. GCAL which is now part of the Sarine group, will soon start issuing diamond certificates powered by Sarine AI grading under the new GCAL by Sarine brand. We interviewed Sarine CEO David Block on the new GCAL by Sarine brand and his vision for the future of diamond grading.

How does your acquisition of GCAL fit into your vision of AI-powered grading?

DAVID BLOCK: GCAL is a very highly respected lab with top quality diamond grading. GCAL never expanded beyond a single location as it is extremely difficult to control consistency and quality when having multiple grading labs in different locations. Sarine AI-based grading technology solves this issue, enabling us to maintain the quality and consistency of GCAL while expanding the grading capabilities beyond a single location. We will have the capability to scale up by implementing our AI grading technology at the source, where the manufacturing is done, and capture most of the grading data which GCAL graders will audit and issue the report. So, the combined capabilities of Sarine and GCAL provide us the ability to expand much faster in the U.S. market and enables GCAL to grow in a way that was never possible before. Going forward we will set up tens or even hundreds of virtual grading labs in all the manufacturing centers around the world.

GCAL by Sarine: The Future of Diamond Grading Has Arrived

David Block, CEO, Sarine

What does this mean for Diamond Journey, Sarine’s diamond traceability report?

DB: The importance of traceability has been increasing dramatically over the past year. As part of the acquisition, we will be offering our leading Diamond Journey traceability reports as part of GCAL by Sarine services. This will be one of the first new services and report types that GCAL by Sarine will offer. Over time additional services and reports will be added to our portfolio that combine the best of both GCAL’s leading gemological capabilities and Sarine’s cutting-edge technologies.

One of the things that distinguishes GCAL from other labs is their guarantee. Can we expect to see that continue?

DB: One of the things that attracted us to GCAL is the quality of the grading, the quality of the leadership, the quality of the people and the quality of the customer service. The guarantee is an integral part of that high-level service. And there’s no doubt that we will keep that. We think it will actually become even easier to stand behind because we have the added benefit of technology, which as we know, is even more accurate and consistent than even the best manual grading.

GCAL has been very active in providing certs for lab-grown diamonds. Is that something that you will continue?

DB: As long as there is a need from the retailer and the consumer, grading lab-grown diamonds will be part of the portfolio along with natural diamonds. Technology can help solve the challenge of grading lab-grown diamonds cost effectively due to the lower value of lab-grown diamonds. In addition, using technology to grade also fits the narrative of lab-grown diamonds very well: grown by technology, graded by technology.

How will this new GCAL by Sarine partnership benefit retailers?

DB: The existing GCAL team will continue managing the new company. On top of that, we’ll be adding Sarine’s technological capabilities. As a technology company, we have a lot of advanced capabilities for digital solutions. Retailers will be getting all the benefits of the GCAL lab they already know and trust, combined with Sarine’s leading grading and other technologies. Sarine is also leading the way in digital interactive reports which can create a digital presentation that really engages the consumer in the retail store rather than the dry printed reports provided by most labs.

What can retailers expect next?

DB: For anyone interested, will have a sneak peek at JCK Las Vegas where we will be demonstrating our AI Grading technologies live by invitation only. So, to understand the future of grading, stop by the GCAL by Sarine booth L2-04.

GCAL by Sarine: The Future of Diamond Grading Has Arrived

GCAL by Sarine: The Future of Diamond Grading Has Arrived

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