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How Marketing Automation Can Increase Ecommerce Jewelry Sales & In-Store Leads

There’s a lot that goes into a marketing funnel. It’s so much more than just having a website for your online jewelry store. You have to have organic SEO in place, dynamic ads across your chosen display network, Google search campaigns along with Facebook and Instagram shopping (not to mention targeting Facebook and Instagram Lookalike audiences to make sure no prospects slip through the cracks). And that’s not even scratching the surface, because you’ll also have to consider things like email automation, Google Shopping and so much more.

It’s a lot to ask of a small team, let alone a single person. And even if you choose to do it all yourself, it can feel a lot like spinning plates while everything’s on fire.

The Foundation: Great SEO Right from the Start

The first step is to ensure that your search engine optimization is top notch, right out of the gate. You cannot have a successful marketing funnel if your website doesn’t deliver the best possible user experience or have a solid SEO structure built into it.

That SEO structure should be:

  • Making sure the keyword you want to focus on is used in the title tag
  • That this same keyword is in the first sentence of your page’s meta description
  • That this same keyword is repeated in the Heading 1 text (the largest heading size)
  • That this keyword appears one or two times throughout the Heading 2’s on your jewelry store website (the second-largest heading size)
  • That the keyword is peppered throughout the page content in places where it makes sense.

That’s really all there is to it — the recipe for successful and fully search engine optimized content. But we’re only getting started.

Connecting Your Store’s Products to Google and Facebook

You want to connect with the largest possible audience, and that audience is highly likely to be using both Google and Facebook. Not surprisingly, to capitalize on all this traffic, both sites have launched their own e-commerce product feeds, in the form of Google Merchant Center and Facebook Shops.

In order to fully automate this and ensure that your products are showing up not just on these online shopping feeds, but that they also retarget customers that are looking to buy, it’s important to follow these steps:

  • Optimize your Google Ads, Google Shopping Campaigns and other organic search engine traffic to attract high quality traffic (users with the intention to buy, or at the very least, those who are contemplating a purchase.
  • Install a tracking pixel on your website. This allows both Google and Facebook to leverage Dynamic Retargeting to show your ads to people who were viewing them originally.
  • Your ads will not only show on Google and Facebook but on over one million partner websites as well.

But that’s just targeting the people we know are interested in buying jewelry online.

Creating a Lookalike Audience to Target Potential Customers

Once your core audience is created in Facebook, you can create a “Lookalike Audience” whose buying patterns match that of your prospects in your retargeting list. You can even upload your email list into Facebook as a Custom Audience and let it use that information to build a lookalike audience.

From there, you can use a service like Klaviyo to set up automatic email nurturing campaigns for any clients already in your email list that happen to be browsing your website. Encourage new visitors to sign up for your email list, then rinse and repeat the process.

What About Cold Traffic?

Many jewelry website owners will discount cold traffic with the reasoning that it “doesn’t convert”. But cold traffic campaigns have a use too — and that is to build brand awareness. So don’t cut them out of the picture completely!

Now that you’ve got your social media marketing automation nailed down, it’s time to take a look at another heavy-lifter in the world of promotion: email. Although it’s the oldest form of internet communication, it still has the ability to create amazing conversions for jewelry websites. Here’s how to automate your email list so that you spend less time managing it, and more time turning it into a jewelry store sales machine.

Targeting Emails to Shoppers Who Abandoned Their Cart

One of the best ways to re-engage shoppers who have abandoned their cart is to understand the reasoning behind that abandonment. Most people will ditch their cart when they see that shipping is too high, or perhaps that you don’t accept their preferred payment method.

If you’ve fixed those points to the best of your ability, you may want to send them a gentle reminder that they left an item in their cart, and that for just $XX more, they could have it delivered to them safely and securely. Since we’re talking about jewelry, people often want the extra peace of mind, and don’t want to run the risk that their item gets lost or stolen in transit.

Using Klaviyo with Shopify to Nurture and Retain Customers

For email automation, we recommend using the Klaviyo system. Not only is Klaviyo the preferred email marketing solution for Shopify users, but it also makes it easy to nurture shoppers who are on your email list.

You can customize Klaviyo to send emails out to them based on how they interact with your website. For example, you can send an email out targeting a bride-to-be with potential engagement ring suggestions, or send an email out to those on your list reminding them that mother’s day isn’t too far away, along with some jewelry suggestions in different price ranges.

As you can see, this is by no means the complete guide to automating every part of your website, but it does help free us hours of your time opposed to doing it all manually. And at the same time, we understand that things can get a bit technical. That’s why GemFind Digital Marketing Solutions is here, to help you take your jewelry website to the next level.

From comprehensive user-friendly and mobile-optimized design to brilliant content and cutting-edge technology that keeps users engaged and involved, everything we do is designed to help online jewelers and their websites perform at the very highest level, attracting and retaining customers and keeping them coming back for more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Using Klaviyo with Shopify to Nurture and Retain Customers

If you need a helping hand, reach out to GemFind Digital Solutions! Helping jewelry stores excel is all we do — whether through custom or turn-key website design, digital marketing, social media and much more. Everything we do is designed to help you connect with your customers and give them an experience they won’t forget.

Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive marketing and design services can help refresh and reinvigorate your digital presence and generate more sales.