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Just Imagine

Got an idea? Here’s how one retailer based an entire jewelry business on made-to-order designs by using Custom Crafted by Overnight™.

There’s little doubt that CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) has revolutionized the jewelry industry. How revolutionized you ask? How about creating a jewelry store with barely any finished jewelry in sight?

Just Imagine

Bespoke owner, Jon Lintz

Sound outrageous? It’s less unimaginable than you might think. Jon Lintz decided he wanted to open such a store in 2009. His business, the aptly named Bespoke Fine Jewelry in Shrewsbury, PA, is based on the premise that given their druthers, most people would welcome the ability to design their jewelry from scratch. And Lintz can work with just about any descriptors. A picture of grandmother’s Art Deco diamond engagement ring? A piece of costume jewelry? A vague notion about what a dream engagement ring should look like? Bespoke has handled all of these requests—and more.

“I call my company a design studio,’” says Lintz, “because that’s what we are. But a big part of my success comes from the solid working relationship I have with Overnight’s CAD/CAM services.” Each retailer works with an Overnight account executive and it’s this relationship that Lintz says has helped his business to grow. “They know me and understand what I’m looking for,” says Lintz, a self-described perfectionist. “We’ve got a working rhythm and I know the jewelry will be exactly what the customer is looking for once the job’s done.”

Just Imagine

Sketch of proposed ring.

As for Overnight, the New York-based company prides itself on being able to deliver a finished piece of jewelry in 7 business days from design approval. “We try to make the process very simple for the retailer. They only need to take a few minutes and describe what their customer needs, and we’ll handle the rest” says David Adwar, Overnight’s director of operations. “Our immediate price quotes and next day CADs make selling custom easy, and it allows the retailer a chance to close the sale quickly,” says Adwar.

Just Imagine

Overnight’s CAD/CAM drawings.

To date, a good chunk of Bespoke’s business is for bridal jewelry but there are a good number of clients looking to duplicate a family heirloom or create something that’s uniquely their own. With a small-town location that’s central to some of the area’s larger towns, including York, PA and Timonium, MD, Bespoke has local customers and also does a substantial online-only business with both national and international clients. “I’ve got a storefront but we don’t operate like a storefront,” says Lintz. “We’re a destination location.”

Just Imagine

A view of the finished ring.

As for Overnight, Adwar says he’s seen Custom Crafted by Overnight nearly double in size over the past year. “Custom is the fastest growing end of the business and it requires a high level of customer service to handle the requests. We’ve had to scale up and hire more CAD operators, additional Custom Crafted reps, and purchase new equipment, which we’ll continue to do, so our retail partners don’t have to wait for custom.”

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