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Lord of Rings

With unique ingredients and cutting-edge design, Thorsten’s wedding bands have become a favorite of consumers and jewelers alike.

Glistening dinosaur bones. Lava rocks polished to a lustrous sheen. Tungsten. Carbon fiber. If someone told you 20 years ago that this would be the stuff of some of today’s most popular wedding bands, you’d probably have a hard time believing it.

But these ingredients are signature elements in the wedding bands of one dynamic company—Thorsten Jewelry. Born out of the idea that wedding rings should symbolize not only a union but also individuality and a lust for life, Thorsten has established itself as a company that totally breaks the mold — in this case, quite literally.

“Our rings are meant for the man or woman who wants something a little bit different,” says Adam Haddad, sales and marketing manager for the Long Beach, California-based company. “We’re always looking for what’s new, what’s not yet known and what’s truly unique. It drives our creativity and ultimately, our sales.”

1. Caribou polished beveled titanium men’s wedding band with ombre deer antler inlay (8mm MSRP $179.99). | 2. Stafford beveled tungsten diamond carbide ring with silver inlay (8mm MSRP $490). | 3. Hyperion lava inlaid 10K yellow gold wedding ring with polished beveled edges set with round black diamonds (8mm MSRP Hyperion – $1,999). | 4. Kony black titanium band with polished edges and back walnut wood inlay (8mm MSRP Kony – $129.99).

Since 2010, Thorsten has taken wedding bands to an entirely new level, polishing its reputation among jewelers (the company doesn’t sell directly to consumer) with hundreds of styles in stock for same day shipping in addition to the unique designs and unusual ingredients for which the company is known. For traditionalists, there’s also a new gold line with a twist—inlaid with an array of materials including rare wood, brilliant carbon fiber, opal and polished deer antler.

Thorsten offers a number of perks that have helped to make it an easy sell at retail. There’s a free lifetime warranty—if any of its rings should break or crack during the course of a buyer’s lifetime, Thorsten will replace them free of charge. And here’s another fun fact—because the rings can’t be sized, Thorsten will send a replacement ring in a larger (or smaller) size, also free of charge, during the customer’s lifetime. And, as consumers continue to favor jewelry that speaks to their individuality, Thorsten offers a number of ways to personalize each purchase including engravings on the rings themselves, from words to fingerprints, handwritten messages and even custom images.

(Top left) 14K yellow gold polished bevel-edge design with black carbon fiber inlay (8mm MSRP $1,500) and (bottom left) Cletus polished 14K yellow gold and black/blue carbon fiber men’s wedding band with diamond (8mm MSRP $1,500); (center) Pantheras 14K yellow gold men’s band with black walnut inlay and diamond (8mm MSRP $1,800); (top right) flat polished 14K rose gold band with dark deer antler inlay (8mm MSRP $1,800) and (bottom right) Nikanor polished 14K rose gold men’s wedding band with padauk wood inlay (8mm MSRP $1,200).

With rings that are meant to be worn every day, comfort is always intrinsic to Thorsten’s designs. Men’s and women’s styles are available in comfort or standard fit and most are offered in a variety of widths.

For more information about Thorsten Jewelry, contact the company directly. Or visit them at any of these 2020 trade shows: ASD Market Week, SJTA Atlanta, Southeastern Jewelers (SJO), Select and JCK Las Vegas.