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The Shape of Gold

The Shape of Gold

Model is wearing Pallina half-moon earrings with 0.17 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $1,505 14K gold bead necklaces from top to bottom: Polished and diamond-cut 18” two-tone bead necklace. MSRP: $985; Graduated diamond-cut 18” bead necklace. MSRP: $1,215; Layered alternating diamond-cut 30” bead necklace. MSRP: $600 On her wrists: (Left) Large diamond-cut two-tone bracelet. MSRP: $6,915 (7”); (Right) Medium diamond-cut two-tone bracelet. MSRP: $3,915 (7”); Medium diamond-cut white gold bracelet. MSRP: $3,910 (7”)
All products are shown and priced as 14K yellow gold unless otherwise indicated. MSRP is based on an $1,800 gold market.

With gold more popular than ever, Royal Chain refines Spring 2024’s gold jewelry with a deep dive into exciting new shapes and finishes.

Royal Chain, a leading name in the jewelry industry, proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated Spring 2024 Collection. Designed to captivate the discerning tastes of retailers, this collection introduces an exquisite array of gold chains and fashion pieces that redefine elegance and style.

This spring, Royal Chain is focusing on the SHAPE OF GOLD as the industry continues to see demand for gold jewelry. Phillip Maroof, Royal Chain’s creative director, says gold’s growing popularity was apparent at this year’s VICENZA Oro fair in Italy. “People seemed undeterred by the higher price of gold,” he says. “The more gold goes up, the more allure the metal seems to have.” For this reason, Royal Chain is investing its decades-long history into pieces that explore the full dimensions of what a single precious metal can offer.

The Shape of Gold
A. Diamond-shape tile bracelet. MSRP: $1,190 (7”); B. North Star 18” medallion pendant. MSRP: $515; C. Interlocking link earrings. MSRP: $395; D. Large, tapered omega hoop earrings. MSRP: $710; E. “Yellow brick” 18” necklace. MSRP: $1,930; F. Laurel leaf bracelet with 0.21 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $1,595 (7.5”); G. Clover bracelet. MSRP: $1,220 (7”); H. Sun talisman 18” tag pendant. MSRP: $400; I. Moon talisman 18” tag pendant. MSRP: $415

Spring 2024 brings a diverse selection of eye-catching shapes, from organic curves to geometric edges. It brings texture, with new diamond-cut chains and bracelets that sparkle and shimmer, and gemstone accents that bring the contrast of natural color and beauty against the warmth of 14K gold.

The Shape of Gold
Glacier bracelets in various sizes. (Left) Bold 17.9mm diamond-cut bracelet. MSRP: $3,855 (7”); (right) Medium 8.1mm diamond-cut bracelets. MSRP: $2,015 (7” yellow) $2,040 (7” white)

In a more competitive time to reach customers, Royal Chain is seeking to meet the needs of retailers with attention-grabbing products worth their weight in…well, you know.

The Shape of Gold
Model is wearing paperclip hoops. MSRP: $485; Necklaces, from top to bottom: 5.4mm 18” oval concave paperclip necklace. MSRP: $805; 4mm 18” Diamante paperclip necklace. MSRP: $1,540; 4.8mm long concave paperclip necklace. MSRP: $565
The Shape of Gold
Close up of bracelets, from top to bottom: Gem paperclip link bracelet with turquoise. MSRP: $1,990 (7.5”); long concave paperclip bracelet. MSRP: $305 (7.5”); gem paperclip link bracelet with mother of pearl. MSRP: $2,040 (7.5”); 4mm Diamante paperclip bracelet. MSRP: $695 (7.25”); 7mm Diamante paperclip bracelet. MSRP: $925 (7”)

This season’s highlights include:


Introduced ahead of spring is a new line of platinum basic chains. Made in Italy, these sleek, 950 PT chains are available in four classic styles and are a luxurious option for stores to carry. In response to retailer demand, Royal Chain is also adding to its popular 14K chain styles, including the Ice Chain, the French Cable and the Baby Cuban / Gourmette, now in additional sizes and colors.

The Shape of Gold
A. New for 2024: Long concave 8mm 18” paperclip necklace. MSRP: $565 B. 3.23mm 18” two-tone ice chain. MSRP: $2,120 C. 3.6mm 20” French cable chain. MSRP: $2,990 D. 8.5mm 18” lite round paperclip chain. MSRP: $1,960 E. New for 2024: 2.8mm 18” lite gourmette chain. MSRP: $600 F. New for 2024: 4.1mm 18” lite gourmette chain. MSRP: $1,415 G. 4.25mm 18” two-tone ice chain. MSRP: $2,790 H. 6.1mm 20” French cable chain. MSRP: $8,945 I. New for 2024: 3.14mm 18” ice chain. MSRP: $1,730


The company expects the playful silhouette of bead jewelry to be trending in 2024 and has expanded its Pallina line of jewelry with bead accents, featuring new diamond-cut necklaces and bracelets that sparkle with brilliance, and pieces incorporating freshwater pearls mixed with 14K gold beads. These pieces are crafted for effortless layering.

The Shape of Gold
Top: Pallina diamond bangles with 0.24 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $3,790 (yellow), $3,880 (white) Bottom: Polished bead chain bracelets in 14K gold. MSRP: $600 (5mm, 8″) $735 (6mm, 8.25″) Also available in 3mm, 4mm and 8mm widths.
The Shape of Gold
A. Layered Saturn 18” bead necklace. MSRP: $545; B. Diamond Pallina bangle with 0.24 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $3,790; C. Polished and diamond-cut two-tone 18” bead necklace. MSRP: $985; D. Polished and diamond-cut two-tone bead bracelet. MSRP: $450 (8”); E: Layered alternating 30” bead chain. MSRP: $600


Adding both color and depth, the Geometric collection features exquisite pieces incorporating turquoise, mother of pearl, green malachite and onyx. With single-shaped pendants and mirror chain bracelets infused with natural gemstones, the shape of gold takes on a unique flair that customers are seeking in their purchases.

The Shape of Gold
Necklaces from top: 18” rectangle pendant with green malachite. MSRP: $285; 18” half-moon pendant with mother of pearl. MSRP: $355; 30” hexagon chain necklace. MSRP: $1,200. Earrings: Large raindrop stud earrings. MSRP: $565 Bracelets from top (all 7.25”): Square bracelet with mother of pearl. MSRP: 695; Circle bracelet with black onyx. MSRP: $630; Circle bracelet with green malachite. MSRP: $630


The company’s selection of earrings for 2024 goes from sleek and sophisticated to daring and dynamic. With the technique of electroforming, Royal Chain offers bold 14K earrings in unique shapes like twisted double-layered hoops and smooth teardrop studs at competitive prices for retailers.

The Shape of Gold
Earrings from left to right: Large raindrop studs. MSRP: $565; large, tapered omega hoop earrings. MSRP: $710; crossover hoop earrings. MSRP: $770; small rice hoop earrings. MSRP: $225

The Spring 2024 Collection from Royal Chain is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing retailers with the finest gold products that resonate with current market demands. Retailers looking to elevate their jewelry offerings and cater to the latest fashion trends are invited to explore this exceptional collection.

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The Shape of Gold

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Royal Chain was founded in 1978 with the mission of providing the best value in gold chains. Over four decades later, the company takes pride as an industry leader in gold jewelry, with a range of products including fine gold, sterling silver, and our internationally recognized brand Phillip Gavriel.

With forty-five years of experience, Royal Chain understands gold. This remains the focus of their business, unlike other gold suppliers. They know what sells, how to manufacture it, and how to get it to retailers quickly and with the best value. Royal Chain offers retailers the ability to restock 95% or more of their products within 24 hours, maximizing the sales potential and support for its retail partners. The company also offers its annual catalog as an important tool for retailers, available digitally or in print.

Royal Chain is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, a group committed to ethical, social, and environmentally responsible practices in the industry.

The Shape of Gold