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Style Guide — How to Stack for the Win

Style Guide — How to Stack for the Win

The bracelet stacking trend is going strong this season. Although celebrity and fashion stylists as well as jewelry designers have an instinct for combinations that create a seemingly nonchalant sophistication, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve this look. Gabriel & Co. has devised a collection that will give you the knack to stack.

The Bujukan Collection, which was inspired by a modern piece of decorative art, features a wide range of bracelets that provide easy and versatile options that fit comfortably one after another to layer on your wrist. All of the styles can be sized exactly to your wrist measurement. You can purchase the bracelets with the help of a measuring guide on the website or visit your local retailer to measure precisely and gauge the diameter of the bracelets, so you can stack them with ease and elegance.

Here are a few different ways you can wear some of the best-selling styles. Since you won’t be able to stop at just one, they have been built so that they mix, match and combine with each other. Read how different colors of metals can be worn together with bracelets containing bezel-set diamonds, pavé diamond balls and/or gold beads. Mix lucky numbers to start — three, five or seven styles at a time, and build your collection from these staples.

Click below to see some of our favorite combinations. And head over to the Gabriel website Gabriel website to explore additional styles.