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You know it’s vacation season when these customers show up. I didn’t finish the character’s conversation because every jeweler knows how this ends— with some unique and bargain priced rare gemstone they bought. Also, extra jeweler points if you noticed the bent prongs.
The invisible setting looks great, I admit it. But setting it, cleaning it, or even touching it is terrifying and frustrating.
I have had diamonds leap out and vanish into thin air exactly like this cartoon. Poof. Gone without a trace. How does that happen?! And why is it that it’s never junky stones? It’s maddening!
I love looking at the world through the jewelers eyes, because, let's face it, jewelers see the world in a completely different way. And you have to admit, a cake cut this way would be more appealing. I mean it is a jewelers job to make bland things brilliant.
I love action figures. I think this would be a great one. Not sure the kids would like it though, doesn’t have enough muscles.
Oh man, the smell of old crusty jewelry. That is a smell that only a jeweler would know. It should be bottled up and used for chemical warfare.
I think loupes are a funny thing. I love loupes, every jeweler has their favorite pair and their favorite style. It’s funny how the young jewelers don’t wear loupes but the older you get the more magnification gets added, until you need loupes to read everything.
I love pizza and one day my crazy brain noticed this remarkable similarity. It could explain why I get hungry every time I see a diamond…
This is the kind of love poem I would write for my wife and she would just stare at it with a confused smile and say, “Thanks?”
Why do customers do this? Why? Why? Why?! I still remember the first time someone did this and handed me the wet ring. This was immediately followed by, “I haven’t taken this ring off in 20 years.” I can tell. By the SMELL!
The Best of the Jeweler: Tim Searfoss Picks His Favorite Cartoon Creations