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The Ultimate Silver Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on silver. The jewelry category known for its tremendous turn, generous margins, and a wide array of price points is perfect for gift giving.

41% of retailers reported that the best price point for silver is in the $100 – $500 range*

UNDER $200
A little sparkle goes a long way, particularly if the jewelry is silver, the metal that’s perfect for the holidays.

MSRP $195

Joryel Vera
MSRP $188

Alex Woo
MSRP $148

Frederic Duclos
MSRP $155

MSRP $63

Consider grab-and-go pre-wrapped holiday gifts of silver jewelry at price points to please.

UNDER $500
From bangles to pendants, silver jewelry is precious, timeless and always in style, offering tremendous looks for the price.

MSRP $400

Martha Seely
MSRP $350

Phillip Gavriel
MSRP $395

Belle Ètoile
MSRP $475

47% of retail jewelers said their silver jewelry holiday sales increased over the prior year*

UNDER $1000
Let silver light up the gift giving season with designs that are sure to delight.

Lika Behar
MSRP $940

Adel Chefridi
MSRP $600

EL Designs
MSRP $726

MSRP $600

40% of retailers said that silver delivered the best margins during the holiday season*

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* Source: 2018 INSTORE Silver Survey conducted 2/2019.
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