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‘Tis The Season for Jewelry Buying

Whether you’re meeting them for the first time, or you’ve been their go-to for 20+ years, you do everything you can to provide customers the best jewelry buying experience possible. If that experience involves shipping a purchase, it can be nerve-wracking for everyone involved.Shipping coverage only addresses losses during transit — so, while you probably can’t grab the keys and drive the delivery truck to the destination yourself, you can trust the Jewelers Mutual® Group team to provide you with the keys to success.

Check out these best practices and important considerations so you can enter the holiday season with confidence.

Consider COVID protocols

With COVID protocols in place and contact-free practices now fundamental in each industry, carriers are under relaxed signature collection processes. This can be detrimental for the recipient if you’re depending on a signature to confirm the delivery.

To avoid a package ending up in the wrong hands, we recommend upgrading to the Adult Signature option that carriers offer. Activating this option means that, regardless of COVID contact-free practices, carriers are required to make verbal contact and hand the package directly to a recipient (minimum 18 years of age) at the delivery address.

Refresh your best practices

The best way to prepare for a busy buying season is to review the shipping process you already have in place. Here’s what you can do.

  • Review building or residence handling protocol — Since carrier proof of delivery to the building or building personnel is the conclusion of shipping coverage, you can’t always be sure that your package ended up in the correct hands even if the package made it to the correct address.
  • To avoid the headache all together, consider delivering to an alternate single occupancy building or sending as “hold for pickup” to an official carrier facility instead.
  • Monitor the progress of your shipment — Knowing the status of your packages during each step of the shipment journey means you’ll have a better understanding of what happened should a loss occur. Plus, you’ll be able to successfully report the loss within 30 days of the shipment being sent, fulfilling insurance requirements and giving your recipient the support they deserve.
  • Keep in mind – reporting a loss as soon as possible allows the Jewelers Mutual team the best opportunity to recover your package.
  • Avoid drop boxes and carrier outlets — Though drop boxes can seem like an easy solution for package deliveries, using them voids all insurance coverage because coverage ends the minute the package is dropped at these locations.
  • When in doubt – always send to locations where you know for sure a recipient signature at the time of delivery or carrier generated receipt will be given.
  • Ship early — Carriers are expected to break volume records once again. With this unprecedented volume, it’s possible that some packages will miss their service standard. Ship as early in the month as possible to ensure your clients receive packages on time. Inform clients that they could experience delays if gifts are shipped the week leading up to Christmas.

Trust the experts, elevate your shipping

Now is the time to fine-tune your business processes so you can feel confident for the holiday rush. The best way to accomplish this is by entrusting your shipments to the experts and signing up for JM™ Shipping Solution on the Zing® platform.

With JM Shipping Solution, you can:

  • Print labels and obtain package insurance from a single dashboard
  • Buy only the coverage you need, when you need it and monitor the status of your package
  • Receive guidance on packaging and service-type options to ensure deliveries are successful

You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your shipments — that’s why the Jewelers Mutual team designed the most holistic and reliable one-stop shop for all your shipping needs.

What better time to sign up than the busiest jewelry buying season of the year!

‘Tis The Season for Jewelry Buying