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David Weisz Announces New Branded Experience

This legacy fine jewelry company is implementing the start of a “new era”.




David Weisz Announces New Branded Experience

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — DAVID WEISZ began with humble beginnings in Satu Mare, Romania in the early 1900s. David had a custom fine jewelry boutique which was shut down at the start of WWII. David’s son Herman was the sole survivor from the family, who gained possession of a parcel of diamonds from his father, which he managed to smuggle during the war. This remaining heirloom from his family is what gave Herman the strength and drive to reignite the business in New York. Herman formally established the DAVID WEISZ brand in 1949, eventually training his son David to take over.

Over the years David Weisz, chairman, continued to grow the business. In 2021, he felt the next step was for his sons Yoely and Zisha to usher the brand into a new era. With their years of experience in the family business, and their knowledge of today’s educated consumer, David knew they were equipped for the task. The brothers implemented the new era of the legacy fine jewelry establishment with the mantra and aesthetic of Timeless Luxury Reimagined.

DAVID WEISZ wide array of classic, fine jewelry is currently sold in over 150 retailers across the country in their luxury displays and packaging. Everything they put forth from their merchandising to exclusive in-store events and their online presence, represents the timeless luxury experience. DAVID WEISZ has managed to enhance the experience of shopping for studs, pendants, and classic fine jewelry, while maintaining the prices that consumers are accustomed to. They are also continuously adding new styles to the core collection, as well as growing their high collection. The result of their endeavors has been overwhelming with substantial growth quarter over quarter.

Over the years DAVID WEISZ has been known for their reputation of value, quality, and variety, which are noted by consumers. With this new era, DAVID WEISZ has managed to stay true to these tenets, while continuing to look to the future. The Weisz brothers still cherish their grandfather, Herman’s, salvaged parcel of diamonds until this day. While innovation is at the forefront of all their endeavors, family values of hope, strength and courage are their guiding compass.

For more information about DAVID WEISZ, visit here.




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