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Shane Decker

Why the Add-On Is the Biggest Missed Opportunity in Your Store

Every transaction is a chance to close additional sales.




BACK IN THE OLD days, salespeople would stay in front of the client until everything was done. Now that we have point of sale stations, iPads and paying by cellphone, we’ve gotten into bad selling habits that I call “sale killers.”

Sometimes we try for an add-on, but we commit a sale killer by what we say. If we ask a yes/no question like “Is there anything else?” or “May I,” “Can I,” or “Would you like…?”, the client’s answer will reflexively be “no.” It’s just automatic.

Instead, use professional lead-in lines that allow you to present another product:

  • “We have something that matches.”
  • “She’s gonna want ‘em both.”
  • “This is part of a set.”
  • “You know, women want their jewelry to match.”

There are a lot more of these, so find the ones that are easy for you to say with passion and excitement. The more exciting it is for the client, the longer they stay and the more they spend.

If they don’t buy, you’ve still set up the next presentation for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. It makes it much easier because there’s a plan for them to come in and buy. Put the item on their wish list so you can follow up.


Rule of thumb: If their first purchase was a major item, the add-on should be no more than half the price of the original item. You don’t want to take away from the importance of the first purchase. Most add-ons take 30 seconds or less because they’re already in a spending mood.

There are three types of add-ons:

  1. Showing like items (ruby bracelet/studs, diamond pendant/bracelet, etc.).
  2. The step-up – they came in to spend $5,000 and you showed them something for $10,000 (Research shows clients can spend twice as much as they intend to).
  3. Adding on at the service counter – This is a great time to wow, and clients can see things on the way out that they didn’t see on the way in.

One of the biggest missed add-ons is the matching wedding band for the man. Research shows that approximately 70% of wedding bands were purchased at a different jewelry store than the engagement ring.

Why does this happen? Usually, it’s a lack of professional follow-up. While they’re in the store, find out when their wedding date is and let them know you’ll follow up via their preferred mode of communication three months ahead of time so you can order or make the wedding band. One less thing for them to worry about.

So if you’re not attempting to add on to every sale, now’s the time to start. Your store owner — and your wallet — will thank you.




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