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Season Four Launch Episode of the Accutron Show Podcast Featuring RedBar Group Founders

The fourth season of The Accutron Show podcast kicks off with special guests, Kathleen McGivney and Adam Craniotes, founders of RedBar Group.




Season Four Launch Episode of the Accutron Show Podcast Featuring RedBar Group Founders

(PRESS RELEASE) Accutron featuring RedBar Group Founders, Kathleen McGivney and Adam Craniotes.

The Accutron Show is the first full-fledged podcast by a watch brand and is a series of approximately 30-minute conversations hosted by Journalist, David Graver (Cool Hunting, New York Times, Vogue), and co-host, Philanthropist and Filmmaker, Indrani Pal-Choudhuri, about Americana consumer culture and its evolution and expressions through time.

To celebrate the start of a new season of The Accutron Show, our hosts meet with the founders of RedBar Group, Adam Craniotes and Kathleen McGivney. RedBar Group is the official organization for an international collective of watch collectors with the goals that include fostering the growth of existing collector communities around the globe, helping fellow enthusiasts start new meetups in their local areas, and encouraging collectors to give back to the local communities where gatherings take place.

Don’t miss out on this new season launch episode where Adam and Kathleen talk about an exciting watch collaboration with Accutron launching soon on September 21st.

Set your time to Accutron time and enjoy the show!

“Watch communities are a really good way for young people to start collecting watches. A lot of people that are there are passionate about watches and want to share their knowledge about them. If you are a college kid and walk into a watch boutique, that can be quite intimidating; the watch community takes away that “pressure” factor and you can be free to ask any question.” – Kathleen McGivney


The Accutron Show Podcast, available to listen on Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher and other major streaming platforms including YouTube.

When: Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

Embodying its tagline, “It’s Not A Timepiece. It’s A Conversation Piece.” Accutron forges its next chapter of conversation with a fourth season of The Accutron Show podcast. Reaching #42 on Apple Podcasts in the U.S. “Society & Culture” category, the podcast continues its exploration into the history, current progression and forecasting of the Americana culture in society, entertainment, product and lifestyle. Past notable guests include Todd Snyder, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Isaac Mizrahi, Katie Couric, Carol Alt, Daniel Boulud, Zara Rutherford and many more.

About Accutron

Offering the world’s first fully electronic watch in 1960, Accutron changed the way the world told time with the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever created and the first personal timekeeping advancement seen in 300 years. Ruling the watch world for more than a decade, its foundational technology later became an integral component of America’s space program and The Accutron logo became a symbol to the consumer of timekeeping accuracy. Now sixty years later, Accutron returns and brings the same drive for technological advancement and design with the first-ever watches powered by electrostatic energy along with the reimagination of the brand’s most iconic historical timepieces. The Accutron Spaceview 2020 x La Palina is the proud winner of the coveted GOOD DESIGN Award. For more information, visit



This Third-Generation Jeweler Was Ready for Retirement. He Called Wilkerson

Retirement is never easy, especially when it means the end to a business that was founded in 1884. But for Laura and Sam Sipe, it was time to put their own needs first. They decided to close J.C. Sipe Jewelers, one of Indianapolis’ most trusted names in fine jewelry, and call Wilkerson. “Laura and I decided the conditions were right,” says Sam. Wilkerson handled every detail in their going-out-of-business sale, from marketing to manning the sales floor. “The main goal was to sell our existing inventory that’s all paid for and turn that into cash for our retirement,” says Sam. “It’s been very, very productive.” Would they recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers who want to enjoy their golden years? Absolutely! “Call Wilkerson,” says Laura. “They can help you achieve your goals so you’ll be able to move into retirement comfortably.”

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