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5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day




5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

As one who’s spent her fair share of years a.) being a mother, b.) being a watch enthusiast and c.) working in retail around the Mother’s Day holiday, I’m going to state for the record that I’m pretty familiar with the things I’ll be talking about in this article.

Mother’s Day is that time of year when folks come into your store – usually at the last minute – desperate for an inexpensive gift that can be purchased, packaged and gift-wrapped while they run across the street to Hallmark for whatever cards are left. Envelope optional. And if you’re a retailer who still does well with sterling silver beads, then good on ya (I think?), but if you’re not, then maybe think about offering your customers something they won’t expect. Like a Swiss watch, for example.

Now, before you get all freaked out and close your browser thinking there’s no way these customers are going to dish out money for a last-minute Swiss-made watch, hear me out. Yes. They can.

And yes, they will, if you play your cards right and stock the right types of watches. Something classic in appearance can be presented to your customer as a gift of time that’s more or less timeless, so think of stocking pieces that go for elegance over extravagance. Pieces that are (or maybe look) a lot like these:

5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

The Boulton by Hamilton

While not technically labeled as a “ladies” watch (a title from which more and more brands are moving away), the Hamilton Boulton watch (small version) and its uniquely shaped case measure only 16mm across for those moms who aren’t into the “big watch” trend for women.

The version pictured here contains a quartz movement (battery operated), is accompanied by a dark blue leather strap, has an art-deco-inspired design and sells for a MERE $595 retail. That’s a price that’s tough to beat.

5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

Frederique Constant’s Classics Quartz Ladies

For women who prefer a slightly larger case size, Frederique Constant offers a watch that’s big enough to make a statement without looking like she borrowed her husband’s timepiece (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The Classics Quartz Ladies watch is available in either a stainless steel or rose gold-toned case (pictured here) which measures 36mm in diameter, a far cry from some of the smaller case sizes shown above.

The watch has a beautiful dial design that is decorated with eight symmetrically placed diamonds at various hour markers. This is a lot of watch for a little money: $895 to be exact.

5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

Baroncelli Lady Day & Night by MIDO

Swiss watch brand MIDO was founded 101 years ago and yet many of us here in the U.S. may not be familiar with the brand, but thankfully, with the help of social media, that’s starting to change.

This Baroncelli Lady Day & Night in stainless steel is shown with a high-gloss red leather strap and contains an automatic (self-winding) movement offering up to 80 hours of power reserve (just in case your customer’s mom decides to take it off for that long overdue bath she’s been wanting and forgets to put it back on for a couple of days). Also worth noting: The watch is decorated with three diamonds and has a sapphire crystal and a mother-of-pearl dial, all for only $1,090.

5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

The Classima by Baume et Mercier

I love it when a watch collection is available in a variety of metals, diameter sizes, dial styles and strap materials, and also when it’s suitable for any gender to wear. That’s what you get when you stock Baume et Mercier’s watches, and to be even more specific, when you invest in a style like the Classima.


Shown here in the stainless-steel version measuring 31mm in diameter, this Classima hits all the right notes. The satin-finished blue dial is an eye-catchingly stark contrast against the silver-toned case and bracelet, and the size of the date window is subtle enough to not be obnoxious but practical enough that it might help remind the mom in your customer’s life that Father’s Day is up next (and that Dad might just want one of these Classima watches for himself). Price: $1,190.

5 Fab Watches to Stock (and Sell!) for Mother’s Day

La Grande Classique by Longines

Another Swiss watch brand with a deep, rich history (we’re talking over 175 years here!), Longines is a brand that mothers and even grandmothers should recognize, but that doesn’t mean that their styles are outdated or worn out. On the contrary, Longines has kept their brand fresh and relevant through strong ad campaigns, ambassadors and sporting partnerships.

Longines’ La Grande Classique in the 24mm size is elegant and affordable, which is likely what your customers are looking for. Shown here with a rose-tinted PVD coating (giving the appearance of rose gold without the rose gold price), this Swiss timepiece contains a quartz movement, has a sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to 30 meters. Oh, and the price tag for this baby is $1300. Not bad at all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!



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