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4 Social Media Strategies That Can Build Your Audience and Your Credibility

The more interactive, the better.




WHEN YOU’RE POSTING on social media, your content competes with everyone else’s, and it’s the algorithm that decides if it’s worthy enough to be seen. To help you get noticed, here are four interactive content ideas to increase your visibility online.

1. TIKTOK JEWELRY CHALLENGES. TikTok has become a powerhouse, especially in the jewelry and fashion worlds. “Challenges” are a unique way to engage with your audience, create interactive content and go viral. One popular way is a “style challenge” where users showcase their unique ways of styling jewelry.

To improve your results, create a unique hashtag for your challenge and give it a local twist by using the name of your city or town so it ranks higher locally. You could also hire popular influencers from your area to help get your jewelry challenge rolling.

Other TikTok challenge ideas could include who can wear the most jewelry, organize your jewelry box in under a minute, and guess the gemstone. Be creative and make it fun!

2. JEWELRY TRANSFORMATION VIDEOS. Everyone loves a good Cinderella story — seeing something transform or be born. Use Instagram reels to create short videos that show the journey of a piece of jewelry from conception to final design. Transformation videos are great way to promote custom design. You could also take vintage jewelry and show the before and after of a deep cleaning or custom repair, transforming a former ugly ducking into a beautiful swan.

3. POLLS AND QUIZZES ON INSTAGRAM STORIES. Leverage Instagram stories to create polls and quizzes related to jewelry preferences and favorite styles. Your audience can vote on their favorite gemstones, metals or design elements.


Polls and quizzes not only encourage follower participation, but also have an immediate impact on the algorithms, helping your content to rank higher in people’s feeds. You also get the added bonus of learning more about your audience, and it becomes a great source of business intelligence of what you should be stocking in your jewelry showcases.

4. LIVE JEWELRY STYLING SESSIONS. TikTok and Instagram Stories are both great places to host live jewelry styling sessions with the experts at your store. People are always looking for new ideas and fun ways to wear jewelry. Live content always ranks much higher than static posts.

Part of the hook of social media is the immediate feedback you receive. When you livestream, you can take this one step further, taking real-time requests from viewers, allowing them to participate in the styling session to become part of the event. This type of interactive content positions your store as a jewelry authority in your area.

Being seen online used to be a numbers game, but now it’s all about the quality. It’s easy to produce cheap content that falls flat, but it takes real skill and effort to produce something that people want to watch and engage with online.



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