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10 Tips For Trunk Show Success

Manos Phoundoulakis offers advice for extraordinary events.



WITH OVER 25 YEARS of experience in the jewelry industry, Manos Phoundoulakis has participated in, run, or thought up complex, challenging events that have led to customer loyalty and appreciation. Working with jewelry stores throughout the country, Phoundoulakis has helped retailers and jewelry brands grow their business and contributed to increased client loyalty. During the American Gem Society Conclave in Austin this month, Phoundoulakis shared best practice tips for ensuring trunk show success.

Plan a trunk show about four months in advance.

Make sure it makes sense. It’s OK to have multiple bridal vendors for an event or different price points in colored gem suppliers. But don’t make the vendors you’ve invited compete for limited dollars with similar merchandise—high-end colored stone vendors, for example.

Choose vendors who use Instagram well and collaborate with them on social-media marketing.

Consider using a trunk show as a test to ensure the brand is right for your client before committing further.

For the holidays, consider hosting a customer appreciation party, followed by a selling event the next day.


Validate your vendor to clients. Build your clients’ trust in your vendor by sharing what you trust, love and admire about your vendor, such as awards, accreditation, milestones and charitable work.

Partner with local businesses that draw in people who don’t usually come to jewelry stores, such as the tattoo community or motorcycle fans, when appropriate for the merchandise.

To transform an event from ordinary to extraordinary, consider sending a limo to pick up VIP clients at home.

For everyone, but especially vendors, the key to a successful event is maintaining a positive attitude. “The energy you bring as a supplier will set the tone,” he says. Spend time engaging with salespeople and managers in the store and offer to accessorize anyone on staff who would like to show off your jewelry.

Suppliers should also take notes and share the feedback with the store owners. Set calendar reminders to follow up with interested customers.




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