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ALOR Stays Connected with Retailers with Virtual Speaker Series

Its first virtual presentation was held on April 9.




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN DIEGO, CA – As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the pause button on many businesses, ALOR looked for a way to stay connected to its retailers while also educating. Ori Zemer and Marilyn Harrell of ALOR decided to create a pilot program of virtual education of sales and marketing during these unprecedented times.

ALOR’s first virtual presentation was held on April 9 with Zachary’s Jewelers in Annapolis, MD. The entire staff of Zachary’s was present during a 30-minute Zoom conference call that was led by Harrell, ALOR’s executive vice president/creative director. In the inaugural presentation, Harrell spoke about the design process she goes through when creating a piece for ALOR. “I think everything has slowed down for me right now. I am telling myself to use this time as positive reflection. I try to take time to think about the things I love to do. I have spent time marveling in the work we do, the amazing workmanship we have and the people that make us who we are. I loved sharing my passion for designing ALOR product with the staff who loves to sell ALOR product,” said Harrell.

The programs second virtual presentation will take place on April 23, once again with the Zachary’s Jewelers staff and featuring John Livesay. Livesay is a sales expert and keynote speaker on sales, marketing, negotiation and persuasion that helps salespeople become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients. “The person that tells the best story is the one that gets the sale. If you want to go from invisible to irresistible, then turn your case studies into case stories,” said Livesay, best-selling author of Better Selling Through Storytelling. Livesay continued, “I am honored to bring my passion for storytelling to ALOR’s virtual training series.”  Watch his video below:

“At ALOR, we have always believed in training. Though now more than ever this is training time, so when we all go back to work, we want to be fast out of the gate. We are helping our retail partners with training on storytelling ranging from telling the story of origin around our design inspiration to how to use storytelling to set yourself up to be different from your competitors,” said Zemer.

ALOR will continue to develop and expand this program in order to continue to educate retailers not only on the ALOR brand, but how to continue to develop to be better sales and marketing ambassadors for their stores.


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