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Beauvince Jewelry Introduces New Exquisite Diamond Styles for Holiday

Part of Beauvince’s new collection is dedicated to high jewels, for wear at holiday galas and events, or as a spectacular gift for one’s beloved.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The holidays symbolize a time to come together as a family, celebrate love and friendship, and add sparkle to the every day. Another year is on the cusp, and alongside it, new beginnings commence. From an engagement under the tree, to gifting an everyday classic piece, or bestowing a magnificent couture diamond set, meaningful luxury jewelry is a holiday staple. In celebration of the season, Beauvince Jewelry is introducing new styles through the enduring legacy of diamonds.

Komal Bajaj Sankar, a second-generation jeweler and curator, creates one-ofa-kind feminine pieces, known for their exquisite detail. She says, “We each have our unique styles, and appetites for celebration depending on the stage we’re at in life. The 2021 holiday collection acknowledges the uniqueness of these celebrations and of ourselves. We hope it encourages our clients to embrace their individuality and create something unique with us or select a one-of-a-kind Beauvince jewel that is personal. What better a time to celebrate than the holidays, and what better a way than with diamonds!”

Part of Beauvince’s new collection is dedicated to high jewels, for wear at holiday galas and events, or as a spectacular gift for one’s beloved. The Amaya Diamond Necklace, features a 2.60 ct. yellow fancy pear shaped removable diamond pendant, alongside an elegant mix of marquise, emerald, pear and round white diamonds. The two looks alternate between a delicate necklace and a statement piece, adjustable for style. Beauvince is also introducing two magnificent high jewel sets— The Tara Necklace and Earrings Suite and the Hearts Necklace and Earrings Suite. The Tara Necklace features two rows of East-West oval, pear, marquise, and round diamonds, with two central pearl drops, all encircled by a ring of diamonds. The earrings echo the necklace, but with a more dramatic flair, and double up diagonal pear and marquise elements. The ultimate love token, the Hearts Necklace and Earrings Suite is enchanting, with a breathtaking display of heart, oval, and round diamonds. The necklace forms a double row diamond collar, with a long spray of cuts, ending with hearts that delicately fall over the neck and collarbone.

Aside from high jewels, Beauvince’s capsule collection also includes the staple every woman should own, diamond stud earrings. A pair of 2 ct. round solitaire studs, 2.51 ct. pear studs, and the 1.38 ct. Flower Diamond Cluster studs offer a subtle, practical holiday gift for someone who wants to give one’s wardrobe a diamond upgrade. “There’s something ethereal about everyday diamonds. Every morning I’m getting ready, I see the sparkly studs on my ears, and they instantly put me in a bubbly mood. I feel dressed up without dressing up. That’s what everyday diamonds are about. They’re effortless and forever cheerful and personal.” says Komal Bajaj Sankar.

The third component of the collection is engagement rings, for those looking to propose alongside loved ones during a special time of year. Beauvince offers customized engagement ring services, and has an atelier for those who want to come in for a diamond district consultation. A 1.70 ct round solitaire ring with sparkling diamonds underneath the center stone doubles the sparkle, and the fun. A 1.50 ct. radiant solitaire offers a unique cut, for those desiring an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd. Of course, for the woman who wants a timeless setting, a four-prong 1.50 ct. round engagement ring, with a circle of diamonds throughout the prong, offers a classic look, with something extra.

The New York atelier works one-on-one with private clients and with retailers to create custom fine jewelry, celebrating milestones, gifting, the holidays, selfpurchasing, and just because. Working only with natural and untreated diamonds and precious gemstones, while offering a lifetime warranty to both trade and private clients, Beauvince excels in customer service, craftsmanship, and delivery. For bespoke diamond design, visit the Beauvince Process online to learn more about consultations, CAD rendering, and the development of one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Beauvince only uses responsibly sourced conflict-free diamonds. For holiday orders, ready pieces will be shipped within three days, and customized pieces range from a one to three week turnaround. To learn more about Beauvince Jewelry, visit v, call 646-775- 8724 or email [email protected]. For press inquiries regarding this press release, contact Pietra Communications at [email protected], or by calling 212-913-9761.




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