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De Beers Diamond Jewellers Announces New Woman of Forever in Global Campaign




(PRESS RELEASE) Following the recent announcement of the new global campaign, When Only Forever Will Do, De Beers Diamond Jewellers introduces a new Woman of Forever, the recently engaged Alexis. 

Through the deeply personal stories of real De Beers clients, When Only Forever Will Do explores the meaningful connections between a woman, her treasured moments and her jewellery and how these become a part of her unique story. 

The campaign launched globally with three ‘Women of Forever’: Maria, Yumi and Fan Bingbing. Today, Alexis joins this collection of fascinating women who choose to mark their moments with De Beers diamond creations: the ultimate symbol of Forever.

François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewellers, commented: “We are thrilled to introduce our fourth Woman of Forever, Alexis, through our When Only Forever Will Do global campaign. As with the real women featured in this campaign, Alexis has a unique story to tell about her and her fiancé Andrew’s personal connection with De Beers.”

“Freedom is important, we would never take that away from each other.”

A strong, independent woman who continuously sets herself challenges and goals, Alexis loves adventure and values her sense of self. Half American, half British and based in New York, Alexis manages a high-flying finance career whilst also running her own business. 


Alexis and her fiancé, Andrew, born in South Africa, are the perfect example of the modern, global couple: equal partners with a shared sense of adventure who each value their independence and freedom, whilst supporting and encouraging one another to believe there are no limits to their abilities.

For Andrew, Alexis’ De Beers Classic Emerald-cut engagement ring reflects her personality: elegant, fierce, independent and timeless. For Alexis, the many facets of her solitaire diamond, represent the different facets of them as a couple. That ring goes every where that Alexis goes, it has gone on so many adventures with them capturing the memories, with many more to come.

Each woman invited to be a part of the campaign reflects today’s multi-faceted femininity, with her own unique combinations of strength, vulnerabilities, curiosities and passions that shape an innate individuality and inner brilliance. Although every woman’s story is different, our Women of Forever are all united by a desire to celebrate chapters in their lives with peerless De Beers diamond jewellery, the ultimate symbol of Forever.

By choosing to celebrate life’s milestones with De Beers diamonds, each woman recognises that only the timelessness of a diamond can do her unique story justice and hold its beauty and emotional resonance for years to come.  


To capture a moment forever, she celebrates with a Diamond of Forever. 

When Only Forever Will Do

Diamonds have always had the power to capture cherished memories. These natural wonders inspire our design studio to create jewellery pieces that can mark significant moments and give ultimate permanence to important chapters in the lives of the women who wear them. Each piece celebrates a milestone or a loved one, a memory or an event, capturing and safeguarding it forever 

The bond between the Women of Forever and their De Beers diamond jewellery is made possible by 130-years of passionate diamond mastery and knowledge. Throughout this campaign the craftsmanship behind each woman’s piece is revealed, introducing the diamond experts and designers who brought them to life. This unique heritage, expertise and passion is what makes De Beers the Creators of Forever.  

The Women of Forever’s stories are brought to life through print and digital advertising, and a dedicated content hub on the De Beers website where one can delve in to each woman’s story through videos and behind the scenes photography. Within these videos and photos, we discover each woman’s chosen De Beers diamond jewellery pieces, as well as selected personal objects to illustrate her unique story and personality. Even the location for the photographs, chosen by each woman individually, highlight facets of her life.


“I just walked in and it was there looking at me. This was the one. It was just perfect.”

Drawing on her background in fashion, Maria reveals her unique sense of creativity and how it was first sparked by the excitement of her grandfather’s coat factor y, subtly hinted at in campaign visuals where we see his tailor’s chalks. Her search for perfection is rooted in a passionate desire for self-expression; only when every carefully-chosen element comes together will her personality be reflected. This is exemplified by her long search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, which ended when she discovered a yellow diamond solitaire ring at De Beers.


Even at first sight, Maria reveals how this ring reflected her personality and drew her gaze instinctively with its one-of-a-kind character.


“When I’m wearing my bravery pendant I feel confident.”

Yumi, one of the Women of Forever, chose to be photographed in London’s iconic Kew Gardens – a place of calm escape when she wants to be surrounded by nature. As well as finding balance in her affinity for the natural world, Yumi also draws on the strength of her De Beers Talisman Bravery Medal; one of ‘The Eight Virtues’ Talisman series set with peerless rough and polished diamonds. When wearing this piece, Yumi feels emboldened to embrace life’s challenges with strength and determination. Through the campaign, it is revealed how Yumi’s De Beers pieces represent different periods in her life, like chapters in a book.


“If a woman’s heart is a diamond, her life experiences are the polishing.”

Acclaimed actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist Fan Bingbing is also one of the De Beers Women of Forever. A real friend of the brand and brand ambassador in China, Bingbing has been present for significant milestones in De Beers’ recent history. The campaign explores Bingbing’s fascinating story of inner strength and instincts, including how she pursued her passion for acting in defiance of the expectation of her parents. This ambition led Bingbing to the Cannes Film Festival, where she marked being a judge at the prestigious event in 2017 with peerless De Beers High Jewellery pieces. Through Bingbing’s personal possessions featured in the campaign, new facets of her journey to where she is today are revealed, including her little-known musical talents in playing the flute and piano. 



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