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Diamonds are Just like People, Every One has its Own Unique Personality

Use GN Diamond’s easy tool to quickly help explain why no two diamonds are the same and improve your closing percentages.




(PRESS RELEASE) A store owner recently shared a story of a customer who went to 3 different stores and received 3 different price quotes for the same 1.20 gsi1, triple excellent round brilliant diamond. “I don’t understand the large price fluctuations in the same exact diamond.” The store owner then asked, “Please describe your fiancé to me.” Curiously, the customer said, “well she is 5’5” with brown hair and brown eyes, average weight.” The store owner then retorted, “Aah, you have just described millions of women”!
From this dialogue, the store owner could easily explain that no 2 diamonds are alike just like no 2-brown haired, brown eyed 5’5” women are the same. Each has unique characteristics that attract someone to another.

By utilizing an easy tool, offered by GN Diamond to retailers, at no charge, end consumers can easily understand why one diamond is better than another. The inclusions are gentle or may be hidden by a prong. They are camouflaged in a facet line, etc.

Within seconds the customer has gained knowledge as to why no two diamonds are the same and this may help reduce negotiations by as much as 50%. The store owner added that an important focus in his everyday business is customer knowledge and satisfaction. This has helped his referral business twofold.

By utilizing GN Diamond’s simple tool the jewelry store owner validates with a third party science, why one diamond is better than another.

GN Diamond constantly looks for ways to help retailers sell more diamonds in a simple and time efficient manner. Call GN Diamond today at 800-724-8810 for a 5 minute training and learn all the benefits we can offer you. Also feel free to go to, email




Moving Up — Not Out — with Wilkerson

Trish Parks has always wanted to be in the jewelry business and that passion has fueled her success. The original Corinth Jewelers opened in the Mississippi town of the same name in 2007. This year, Parks moved her business from its original strip mall location to a 10,000-square foot standalone store. To make room for fresh, new merchandise, she asked Wilkerson to organize a moving sale. “What I remember most about the sale is the outpouring excitement and appreciation from our customers,” says Parks. Would she recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers? “I would recommend Wilkerson because they came in, did what they were supposed to and made us all comfortable. And we met our goals.”

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