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Plumb Club Offers Downloadable Retail Tool at Jewelers Resource Center

The brochure entitled “A Tale of Two Diamonds” is available at no cost.




Plumb Club Offers Downloadable Retail Tool at Jewelers Resource Center

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — In keeping with its vision of innovation, and to mark The Plumb Club’s 40th year of helping educate and shape the jewelry industry, the Club announces its first-ever piece of point-of-sale material. The illustrative brochure entitled “A Tale of Two Diamonds” is available to the entire jewelry industry at no cost, and explains in easy-to-understand non-partisan consumer language the various differences in formation between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds. It then goes on to detail how both types of crystals are cut, polished, and graded. To help alleviate any consumer concern on diamond-origin for a retailer, the brochure further discusses the ability to discern the differences between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds on an atomic and microscopic level. Additionally, the brochure provides assurances, outlining the stringent processes developed by the diamond and jewelry industry to ensure that diamonds from various origins are not mixed.

“One of the hottest topics of the jewelry industry right now is the emergence of lab-grown diamonds and the growing consumer embracing of the category”, said Michael O’Connor, consumer jewelry expert and director of marketing for The Plumb Club who helped develop the brochure. “Of utmost importance in a jewelry store is providing a consumer with an accurate and true description of what they are purchasing. That is why The Plumb Club felt so strongly about ensuring that retailers were educated and equipped with a tool to help a consumer make an informed choice on the diamond that is right for them.”

The full-color consumer brochure is conveniently sized at 8.5” x 11”, with two folds, making it conveniently pocket-sized for consumers to carry, as well as easily printed by retailers in their store, as needed on any standard color printer. There is also space specifically designed on the back of the brochure where retailers can add their own logo and location information. For retailers wishing to have the piece formally printed in quantity for in-store hand-outs, The Plumb Club also provides a version for use, complete with “crop marks” and folds so it can be sent to a printing house.

To access both versions of the brochure a retailer should visit the Jewelers Resource Center. The brochure will be immediately visible and clickable the “Information Hub” at the entrance.



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