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GN Diamond’s Easy to Use Diamond Stud Simulator Is Here

GN’s new APP offers a visual simulation of what a diamond stud looks like on the earlobe from ¼ ct to a 2 ct.




(PRESS RELEASE) Bridal season is upon us and what better way to sell diamond studs is through GN Diamond’s on the ear stud simulator. Add its diamond stud search on your website and allow your customers who are shopping for studs online to easily view what size diamond studs look like on the ear. Bread and butter studs from 1/4 ct up to 1 1/2 cts. have always been most popular but GN has seen larger studs from 2 ct to 6 ct becoming an additional hot seller. Simplistically beautiful, studs should produce up to 12% of a retail store’s annual revenue. Diamond studs are a great add-on to any bridal sale. In the advice of Shane Decker, “Never stop selling until the customer tells you to stop.”

GN’s new APP offers a visual simulation of what a diamond stud looks like on the earlobe from ¼ ct to a 2 ct. The end consumer can easily see the difference between martini set or 4 prong set in all different sizes that reflect their own taste and budget.

In addition, GN Diamond creates a point of distinction for the retail jeweler and offers a light brilliancy score on all of their diamond studs. Each pair is sent to a 3rd party, independent laboratory to evaluate brightness and sparkle.

GN Diamond’s studs are proven to score in the top 96% of the world’s brightest diamonds. Furthermore, each pair is Gemprinted providing a unique fingerprint of each diamond which will offer the end consumer up to a 10% discount on their annual insurance premium. There is such a competitive market with diamond studs that these features may help retailers gain the edge over their competition and overcome common objections and obstacles salespeople face on a daily basis.

GN Diamond is open 7 days a week at 800-724-8810.




Wilkerson Testimonials

Is It Your Time to Enjoy Life? Wilkerson Can Get You There.

Mary and Tim Whalen, owners of Crown Jewelers in Pittsfield, Mass., wanted to enjoy life beyond their business. When they decided to retire and close shop, they asked Wilkerson to handle the sale. As long-time Wilkerson customers, Mary says she knew the company could manage all the details of the liquidation. It was also great to have “fresh eyes” on their business, says Mary, which “worked tremendously for us.” Today, the Whalens are beginning a new adventure but are quick to commend Wilkerson for helping them get there. “You have one chance to get it right,” she says about their retirement sale. “Do it right.”

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