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Here Are the Winners of the INDESIGN Awards (Platinum Jewelry Category)






Here Are the Winners of the INDESIGN Awards (Platinum Jewelry Category)

1ST PLACE & RETAILER’S CHOICE (Platinum Jewelry Category)

Jill Maurer

Lineage ring from the Lascaux Collection in platinum featuring 6.72-carat natural aquamarine and natural sapphires (1.99 TCW). This ring also won the Retailer’s Choice Award.


In 1940, four boys and a dog discovered the Lascaux Cave in France, the walls of which are covered in prehistoric drawings of animals, people and symbols. It’s a powerful place that represents progress and the human spirit for many today, including jewelry designer Jill Maurer. “It made us realize that ancient humans understood form, depth and perspective thousands of years earlier than previously thought,” says Maurer.

Her Lineage ring in particular derives from “The Great Bull” drawing.


“Each sapphire is a stepping stone from our past leading to the rich opportunities of the present in a luminous aquamarine,” says Maurer. “The progression from light to dark blue sapphires represents the human race wading from the shallows of our infancy and diving into the depth of our possibility. The result is a bold, elegant and balanced ring that honors the past while living in the present.”

Maurer says that the collection, and the cave that inspired it, should be a sign of hope for all people. “Lascaux reminds me that we are one … that somewhere along the way we created arbitrary divisions between us … and that together we can choose to remove them.”



“Love the ombré on the sides that mimics the natural ombré in the marquise cabochon. Sleek and naturalistic.” – Tara Silberberg

“What an exquisite example of colored gemstones and diamonds set in the world’s most precious metal. ‘Lineage’ perfectly describes the clean lines and sense of movement in this piece. Setting it in platinum ensures it will stand the test of time.” – Jenny Luker


“Definition of sleek. And love the ombré accents — beautiful detail.” – Danielle Miele

“I love the ombré sapphires and the beautiful cabochon aquamarine.” – Amanda Gizzi


“Sleek, love the simplicity and makes a bold statement.” — Marie Borneman, Wedding Day Diamonds, Eden Prairie, MN





Here Are the Winners of the INDESIGN Awards (Platinum Jewelry Category)


(Platinum Jewelry Category)

Jack Kelége

Platinum ring with diamonds (3.05 TCW) and pink tourmaline (16.45 TCW)



“The darkened metal sets off the beauty of the vivid pink tourmaline. I love the setting and how the diamonds are thoughtfully positioned.” – Amanda Gizzi

“Wowza! I love the combo of the black rhodium and the hot pink tourmaline. I am a little scared of whoever would buy this. They would probably be very intense.” – Tara Silberberg

“The attention to detail and craftsmanship of Jack's pieces are second to none. He uses platinum as the backdrop and support for truly magnificent stones.” – Jenny Luker

“STUNNING! Mouth-drop!” – Danielle Miele


<h1>3RD PLACE -<br /> <small>(Platinum Jewelry Category)</small></h1>
<h6 class="bright-red”>Tacori

Renaissance Bloom ring with round center diamond surrounded by brilliant pavé set diamonds in a French cut setting in platinum with hidden diamond details along the inner face (0.58 TCW)



“Beautiful texture and I love the scalloped bezel.” – Tara Silberberg

“Inspiring and unique, you always know when you are looking at a Tacori platinum ring.” – Jenny Luker

“I would say ‘yes’ to this any day!” – Danielle Miele

“I love the spider web feeling that makes it feel fresh and modern yet timeless.” – Amanda Gizzi


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