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How to Attract More Customers, Yield Higher Sales and One-Up Your Competition

It’s not too good to be true. Adding one particular supplier to your roster can help your store experience some of the same success as off-price giants.

The rules of the retail game are changing, especially where fine jewelry is concerned. Between competitively priced online sellers and manufacturers that demand exorbitant minimums—all with ever-thinning stock balancing rules—it prompts the question: What’s a jeweler to do?
Jewelers should take heed of one of the few successful trends in retailing today: The off-price model. Contrary to what is occurring in traditional retail, off-price shops are experiencing success for their ability to present the consumer with desirable brands at a bargain and have new inventory on a nearly daily basis. While most department stores are struggling to find success in a more demanding environment, stores including TJ Maxx and Ross aren’t having any issues staying relevant and rising to the top.

The exciting news for jewelers is that White Pine Trading helps stores to experience some of the same success as its off-price counterparts in apparel. White Pine specializes in off-price finds, including brand name designer jewelry and luxury timepieces—all selling at up to 60% off normal wholesale rates. Additionally, the company has an inventory of 4-5,000 competitively priced GIA-graded diamonds.

White Pine ( gets exciting new merchandise every day. You get the benefit of off-price merchandise that you can cherry-pick from among hundreds of weekly offerings to match your market needs. You can rely on White Pine to help you to fill in the blank spots in your inventory, stock merchandise you couldn’t dream of carrying (at a very profitable price) or secure one particular item for that special customer. Whether you’re in touch with White Pine’s team of knowledgeable regional sales managers, you watch their website, receive the regular e-blasts or visit the company at one of the many trade shows they attend, they can help you to get a part of the off-price market for yourself.


The Best Part of
White Pine is the People

If you are like most of us in the industry, you still appreciate seeing a rep in person so you can take your time looking through the newest finds. And, to your benefit, White Pine salesmen pride themselves on knowing their customers. The company’s Mid-Atlantic rep, Frank P., is on the road within his territory most of the month—when he’s not at White Pine’s New York City offices to see “what’s new” and connect the pieces with his jewelers.

“I’m like a concierge to our retailers,” says Frank P. “When I go to our home office, I want to see what I can find. Many times, I’ll let the merchandise dictate the calls I make. I know who’s looking and for what. And when I arrive, there’s always intrigue. My customers want to know, ‘what do I have in my bag?’”

One jeweler who spends time with her White Pine rep whenever she can is Lillian Kim, owner of White and Ivory of Leesburg, Virginia. “Our rep comes by and we’ll end up spending four to five hours looking through everything,” she says. “He knows me. I’m a small store, and I have a competitor near me and I’m also competing with online sellers, so price is key.”

Kim primarily buys classic and unique designs, but she also buys Italian brands, and many times, has requests from customers for specific merchandise. “White Pine’s mark-up is always excellent. The company is very flexible and they’re wonderful for a small retailer like me.”

With White Pine, there’s never a minimum, and as sales rep Frank P., says, “there’s never an expectation.” But when customers see a White Pine rep walk in the door, they can’t help but wonder, “what’s he got in that bag today?”

For more information about how White Pine can help you to keep your inventory fresh, your prices competitive and your bottom line looking up, contact our main line or the White Pine sales manager in your region:


Main Contact Information
E: [email protected] P: 646-699-3950

  • Frank P. – Western NY, Eastern PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA
  • Daniel D. – Eastern NY, ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT
  • Kerry C. – Western PA, WV, OH, MI
  • Scott P. – IN, IL, WI, MN
  • David H. – KY, TN, AL, MS
  • Howard G. – NC, SC, GA, FL
  • Seth P. – LA, AR, OK, TX
  • Bill G. – NV, AZ, CA, HI
  • Marc C. – Southern NY and Select National Accounts

Retailers in unlisted territories will be serviced through White Pine’s headquarters and should direct their inquires to the main contact information provided.



BOOTH# B37169

E [email protected]
P (646)699-3950

Price Points
WP: $755

American Brands
WP: $1,590 Est.
MSRP: $7,950

Global Brands
WP: $1,450 Est.
MSRP: $3,750

Color Fashion
WP: $6,310

Diamond Basics
WP: $4,810

Euro Brands
WP: $12,395

Euro Brands
WP: $21,025

Diamond Basics

Color Fashion
WP: $60,000

WP: $3,900

Global Brands
WP: $1,750

WP: $13,950
Est. MSRP: 27,600

Diamond Basics
WP: $7,500

Price Points
WP: $750

American Brands
WP: $4,500
Est. MSRP: $12,000

Contact us for
additional information

E [email protected]
P (646)699-3950


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