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How To Engage Today’s Customer and Add Business Value

A step-by-step retail approach provided by The Responsible Jewelry Council and
The Plumb Club.




John Hall | Suzanne Brooks | Charlotte Stanbridge
John Hall | Suzanne Brooks | Charlotte Stanbridge

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Plumb Club, in connection with The Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), presents an important opportunity for retailers seeking to connect with today’s consumer. The virtual presentation, entitled “How Retailers Can Add Business Value Through Adopting a Sustainability Strategy”, is open to the entire jewelry industry and will be held in the Jewelers Resource Center Auditorium on Thursday, October 20th at 1pm EST. Register now and don’t miss this important business information here.

Panelists will discuss the growing importance of sustainability to consumers and how it can add business value and engage new customers. US Retailers will learn about the RJC mission and retail tools that they can use to add value to their businesses. Additionally, RJC retail member case studies will be shared, highlighting the ways in which sustainability has enhanced their business and sales. Further, attendees will be provided a practical step-by-step approach to help implement sustainability into their business strategy.

Panelists include:

  • John Hall – Interim Executive Director is a specialist in responsible sourcing, reputation management and corporate external affairs. He has led product stewardship and sustainable development initiatives in the mining and jewelry industries for many years. Hall was a founding Board Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and was Vice Chairman of the RJC for six years. He is also currently a Board Member of Resolve – Diamond Development Initiative and the World Diamond Council.
  • Suzanne Brooks – Senior Standards Manager has a 20-year background of working at FTSE listed companies in mining, chemicals, and sustainable technologies, and a top FMCG multinational. Suzanne is a stakeholder engagement specialist having supported companies implement their sustainability and business integrity standards and training programs, as well as aligning with regulatory governance and delivery on the ground.
  • Charlotte Stanbridge – Assistant Standards & Training Manager joined the Responsible Jewelry Council in 2021 managing member training to help RJC members understand the requirements of implementing 2019 Code of Practices & 2017 Chain of Custody standards. She has previously supported companies throughout the fashion supply chain on audit and assurances processes. In addition, she has previously worked as a jewelry buyer for a large multinational retailer, gaining cross-industry experience and understanding of the wider jewelry and watch industry and associated risks.

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