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Unfortunately one type of crime remains a major concern for retail jewelers: smash-and-grab robberies.

The individuals behind these robberies are well-organized and have shown that they are not afraid to use force to get what they’re after — which in the majority of recently reported cases has been luxury watch brands. As a retail jeweler, you should assume that you’re a potential target due to the high degree of risk.

Having physical and electronic security in place remains essential for protecting your business in the event of an attack, and sound procedural security is equally important to lower the likelihood of an attack from happening. These are observable behaviors to would-be criminals casing a store and convey management’s commitment — or lack thereof — to security. Better procedures equate to a harder and less desirable target for crime.

While every associate at a jewelry business should know how to recognize casing behaviors, there are steps that can be taken to discourage criminals while they are casing. Consider these tactics for making your business a harder target against smash-and-grab robberies:

  • Spread high-value merchandise throughout your store.
  • Place the majority of your highest value merchandise displays near the back of your store and away from exits.
  • Keep some of your merchandise in a locked safe during regular business hours.
  • Rotate where the merchandise is placed around your showroom.

Train your team to spot any suspicious individuals or vehicles, and encourage them to document all incidents. For example, if someone is asking where you keep your most valuable merchandise or how your showcases are constructed, that should be an immediate red flag.

To help train your entire business on safety and security procedures, enroll in JM University® — an exclusive member benefit to Jewelers Mutual policyholders. Educational courses like Selling with Security and Opening and Closing Procedures can enhance your business’s procedural security and make you a harder target against crimes like smash-and-grabs.