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Joseph Varjabedian Passed Away Due to COVID-19

He established Jova Inc in 1999.




Joseph Varjabedian
Joseph Varjabedian

(PRESS RELEASE) Joseph Varjabedian, a native of Aleppo, Syria, passed away in NJ on 2/12/21 due to COVID-19 at age 63. He is survived by 4 sisters, 2 in NJ, 1 in Canada and 1 in Armenia.

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Joseph was introduced to the jewelry trade by a brother in law in Syria and eventually moved to the US to start his own manufacturing business employing over 50 employees. An opportunity in Russia presented itself, and Joseph closed the NY business and remained in Russia for several years with 200 employees running and managing jewelry production. He then returned to NY to open a new company when he established Jova Inc in 1999. He sensed a shift in manufacturing and transitioned to CAD/CAM. Previously he attended NYU to study Computer Science. He had a deep knowledge of transposing designs into CAD and working with 3D printers ( could fix any glitches himself). Joseph became a well respected beloved expert in CAD/3D printing, manufacturing and sourcing for his retail, wholesale, independent/established designer customers. Some of the designers he worked with are Wilfredo Rosado (see attached Mariah Carey engagement ring), Doryn Wallach and Alison Nagasue.

About 2 years ago, he was establishing z.jova, an innovative custom jewelry website where the customer creates their own zodiac signs merged with initials based on an intense library of over 300 options/designs. This was a unique product in the marketplace with am exciting consumer experience somewhat being the designer of their special jewelry and seeing instantly their creation online. Covering other silhouettes and companion pieces are available such as a zodiac heart, earrings, signet rings, etc. Joseph scored a major victory by succeeding in registering z.jova (TM) and registering all of the zodiac letter designs. In honor of Joseph, the family is planning to continue the website business. The goal and aspiration was to transition 80% of time and energy to z.jova and keep 20% of the total business with Jova Inc, each one offering different services. The only website remaining is

Colleagues and friends are experiencing a dramatic loss and a hole in our hearts. We remember Joseph for his generosity, mentorship, care and concern for the people he surrounded himself with. He was inclusive, loyal, committed to excellence and always offered help. We will remember Joseph as a true caring spirit, a friend and colleague who was there for each of us. He is missed already. He was very involved with his Armenian roots and his faith and practiced goodness to all. Donations may be made here where you can find a donation section. Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church 461 Bergen Boulevard Ridgefield, NJ 97657 201 943-2950




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