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Pulsar Signs Joey Logano as Brand Ambassador and Gluttony as AOR




(Press Release)
Seiko Corp. of America has chosen Gluttony without a review as its creative agency of record for their watch brand, Pulsar.

Building on the established “Life. In Real Time” campaign Gluttony has crafted new brand positioning around NASCAR’s Joey Logano, Pulsar’s first U.S. brand ambassador.

“Joey’s life in racing is all about split-second timing, accuracy and being completely in the moment. He’s the perfect sportsperson for Pulsar to align with. Creating a campaign that brings together these elements with the technology and craftsmanship of Pulsar has been exciting,” said Gluttony’s creative director, Audra Pace.

Gluttony created a cohesive new look for Pulsar, which focuses on movement and motion to bring the campaign to life, and underscores Joey as a man living his Life. In Real Time. Branded Pulsar head to toe, and driving a branded car, Joey tears up the track in the new ads.

Keen to reach Pulsar’s broader consumer base as well as NASCAR fans, the new campaign includes a driving game, Solar Speedracer—that launched this week. The game features a Pulsar-branded car and retro racing course marked by Pulsar billboards. As part of the partnership, players who beat Joey’s time around the course are entered for a chance to become “Crew Member for a Day”. The game is accessible enough for anyone to play and keeps the fun going as you keep trying to beat your best time, make the leaderboard and beat Joey. Check it out here.

New to NASCAR, Gluttony went out on the track with Joey in Hickory, North Carolina to better understand what it is like to be behind the wheel in over 100 degree temperatures with a race car engine under the hood. “In order to really tap into the essence of what makes someone tick you need to walk in their shoes. It was imperative we all understood what Joey puts himself through each race. Even if we drove a little slower and less than 500 laps, that was enough!” said Gluttony CEO Abigail Honor. A behind-the-scenes look at the campaign is on the Pulsar Facebook page.


The entire Pulsar campaign is backed by digital advertising and a social media campaign. In the first three months of the social media campaign, engagement is up across the board with an average of 243,000+ views per month, a 525 percent increase from the month prior. There are five times more likes and seven times more comments on posts each month since Gluttony has taken over the account. And the support of Joey and his huge social following has been incredible.

Pulsar has been a household name in watches since the Seiko-backed brand debuted the first-ever LED watch in 1972. Today, Pulsar is reinventing the brand to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.



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